Age of Empires vs Civilization

So, Age of Empires or Civilization?

Much of this debate comes down to your preference for game type and playstyle. Even though both games are based on historical civilization battles and war and are a great way to learn about world history, the premise of each game is vastly different.

So, let’s cover the basics of each game and a little about them to catch you up to speed!


Civilization is a turn-based game that requires a strategic approach and an innovative game plan and is considered quite complicated compared to other similar games. Civilization is an empire-building game with numerous playstyles and campaigns focused on historical events and battles against historical leaders.

This franchise of games has over six released main game titles and additional spin-offs, expansions, and physical board games. It continues to release the next generation of titles, including the release of Civilisation 7 in the upcoming future.

Visually, Civilization originally started very plain with simple terrain, and woodland areas would simply just be green areas on the map. However, this has changed drastically in newer releases, and now beautiful, stylized models of buildings, trees, and other scenery make the game much prettier to look at.

This game offers single-player scenarios and challenges, local and multiplayer lobbies to play, meet with friends, and combine forces to overthrow the enemy.

Discussing Civilization VI directly, starting with nothing, building up your base and learning to farm, to building great empires with spaceships, you cover several different political, military, and economic wars based on your gameplay, and there are four victory conditions, Science, Religious, Cultural or just pure world domination!

You will have countless hours of fun playing this game, from sending your men to the moon to total world destruction!

 Civilization has been a fan favorite for several years and is considered one of the best strategy games to date.

Age of Empires vs Civilization
Age of Empires vs Civilization

Age of Empires

Age of Empires, although similar in its historical features and genre to civilization, this game belongs more in the ‘real-time strategy’ RTS genre.

The Age of empires franchise is also known as one of the most favored strategy games ever, with nine main released game titles dating back to 1997 and expansions with its latest release of Age Of Empires IV in October 2021.

Age of Empires offers a large variety of different campaigns, Maps, Civilizations, and quests to keep you entertained for hours on end. Multiplayer is also a significant aspect of this game and allows you to battle with friends and foes in an intensive, fast-paced war.

As the player, you control villagers and military units in real-time, micromanaging them to create your empire. Collecting resources to advance through the games, produce units and upgrade your tech tree.

If you prefer following historical campaigns and stories or like battling it out with friends, this game offers multiple exciting game modes and sweaty fast-paced gameplay! You’ll wonder where the hours have gone!


So, Let’s look at some comparative pointers of each game.

  • Civilization is considered to be much more tedious and involves a lot of systematic planning when it comes to gameplay, with super in-depth management of your empire and can last 5-10 hours in a multiplayer game, whereas Age of Empires multiplayer games tend to be over in less than an hour with rapid actions and simultaneous decisions alongside your opponent in real-time.
  • Civilization is considered much slower, and the game will end at the year 2050 or at 500 turns in a standard game, whereas Age of Empires can be over in minutes or an infinite battle with no specific timer.
  • Civilization is a turn-based strategy game, and Age of Empires is a Real-Time strategy game.
  • Civilization lacks the real-time action and battle features that the age of empires provides and takes more of a ‘end turn and wait and see’ approach.
  • Both games offer a beautiful landscape and animations to keep you hooked in the game, which is down to your general preference.
  • Involvement in Civilization games is much more restricted, using a grid method to move units each turn
  • Age of Empires lacks a larger scale of events and periods, meaning Civilization has much more event-based gameplay and story.
  • Civilization offers expansive maps, whereas Age of Empires’ maps are much closer and more engaging.


For a beginner in strategy games, the preferred choice from past players would be the Civilisation games, as you can take your timer, decide your next move, and plan accordingly. In contrast, Age of Empires can be pretty overpowering and hectic if you are not used to fasting-paced gameplay.

RTS games allow players to act and play simultaneously in real-time, unlike Civilization, where you wait for your turn. This approach to gaming playstyle preference totally depends on you. You may prefer the quick-thinking real-time decisions of an RTS game, or you may prefer to think and plan out your next attack with precise judgment.

Overall, it is challenging to compare these significant games as they are so different to begin with, each with its own personality. I recommend you try them both and find your favorite!

Whatever you choose, if you prefer Civilization or Age of Empires or just love them both, these games are favored globally, and I hope you’ll end up spending countless hours enjoying these games just as much as I have!

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