AMD Unveil World’s Fastest GPU Component

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AMD release the Radeon 8970M
AMD release the Radeon 8970M

AMD have always been one of the leaders in computer hardware but now the Californian firm is looking to take their stake their claim as the top dog in the industry following the release of the AMD Radeon 8970M that could possibly be the world’s fastest GPU unit.

The Radeon 8970M is designed to be used in notebooks and contains a 1GHz engine and also holds 3GB of GDDR 5 memory equating to 2304 GFLOPS of power. The component is part of AMD’s new Radeon 8000 range of processors which have been split into mainstream and gaming categories.

These specs have placed the 8970M at the very top of the mobile gaming hardware market and AMD have claimed that it’s the fastest in the entire industry. The company compared the 8970M against the Nvidia Geforce GTX 680M and the Radeon was found to be 42% faster when playing Crysis 3 by recording a figure of 63.29 fps. This was significantly faster than the 680

Alongside an improved physical performance, the Radeon 8970M has been tweaked to help maintain a longer battery life on laptops. The unit does this by monitoring and adjusting the system’s setup to use less power when left on standby.

GPU unit race hots up (Flickr//neistridlar)
GPU unit race hots up (Flickr//neistridlar)

On top of that, AMD has included its Eyefinity mode which allows for videos to be displayed across multiple screens on custom built gaming stations and also shared on larger monitors built for TV rather than PC.

Several manufacturers have already stated that they plan to use the GPU in some of their upcoming machines with MSI already stating that they will adopt the technology into their GX70 gaming laptop.

As expected with many new GPU units, the Radeon 8970M has been formatted to run best on Windows 8 devices and also comes equipped with Direct X 11.1.

Whilst the record will likely change hands in a few months, the AMD Radeon 8970M will be a welcome addition to the computer gaming industry and help gaming laptop keep up with their console counterparts.

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