My Personal Battlefield 4 Theme Song

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In Cologne, Germany, the GamesCom has just closed her doors…not only yours truly is waiting in even more anticipation for Battlefield 4 …

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But something has happened… Battlefield has a new face for me – and many others. A young lady from Greifswald, Germany, rocked the show, so to speak: she is a musician and created her own personal Battlefield 4 theme song. And honestly, EA would be crazy not to add this song to the Battlefield 4 soundtrack. Bina Bianca has, in a way, become the official face of EA’s Battlefield 4 and has been interviewed on the official EA blog.

She does not only have a beautiful face, Bina Bianca has a very beautiful voice – and a lot of soul in her sounds.  So just listen and feel the goosebumps as I do…

Excellent, ain’t it?

News from the German field


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