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Major League Baseball’s (MLB) recent pitch clock addition has been attracting fans back into ballparks. This small yet revolutionary change might just be one of many new formatting additions that baseball is set to receive in the near future, keeping it relevant for mainstream audiences.

With more crowds returning to buy season tickets, the sport continues to cement itself as one of the most popular sports in the USA. Still, what does this have to do with baseball games on PC?


In recent times, video game publishers have opted to release their baseball games onto gaming consoles more, leading to only a handful being chosen as the best PC baseball games in 2022. We’re not mentioning multiplayer baseball games yet, which are rarer.

So, it’s great to hear that people are rekindling their love for the sport, encouraging video game developers/ publishers to consider releasing their baseball games onto PC as well. Things are looking up in 2023, and here are the best baseball games for PC right now:

Digital Diamond Baseball V11

We kick-start this list with an underrated title, Digital Diamond Baseball V11. This baseball simulation game adopts a tabletop, dice-roll RNG mechanic, making every moment unique and unexpected.

The game lets us play as any authentic baseball team beginning from 1927 all the way to 2022. Plus, we can customize our in-game leagues and edit teams too, broadening our replayability options.

Exclusive to the PC, Digital Diamond Baseball V11 is extremely easy to play on the computer, only requiring us to be smart in analyzing relevant player data to improve our chances of winning matches.

If you’re interested in a lightweight, PC-friendly baseball game that’s simple to install yet incredibly deep in content, Digital Diamond Baseball V11 should be one of the best baseball games you should try out first.

Baseball Mogul 2023

Baseball Mogul 2023 is another impressive baseball sim, following the successes of the series’ previous titles. The game has an amazing database of real-life players from as far back as 1901, and its multiple game modes (Modern, Classic, Exhibition, etc.) let us enjoy the game however we want.

Baseball Mogul 2023 adopts 2D-animated character models depicting the baseball players in action, as both the batter and pitcher. This approach puts us closer to the experience, and the simplistic UI helps us navigate between gameplay sections conveniently, such as giving specific instructions to a player if need to.

When guiding a team to the World Series, we’ll get plenty of flexibility to control its fortunes. From scouting new talents to recruit for the future, to deciding the value of season tickets for improved profits, there’s plenty to explore in Baseball Mogul 2023.

So far, Baseball Mogul 2023 – and all its predecessors – can only be played on the PC, but its hardware requirements are minimal, meaning anyone can play it today.

Super Mega Baseball 4

The famous Super Mega Baseball series is back with Super Mega Baseball 4, and it’s as fun and enjoyable as everyone expected! Despite the game’s loony and cartoonish character designs, the arcadey gameplay and on-pitch animations are pleasingly engaging and satisfactory, just like its previous entry, Super Mega Baseball 3.

Published by the much divisive Electronic Arts (EA), the game’s developers, Metalhead Software, are quite respected by the fans due to their dedication to keeping the core features intact for all Super Mega Baseball games. This includes no intrusive monetization schemes, which is a blessing for a game under EA’s banner!

In terms of the actual gameplay, Super Mega Baseball 4 introduces new mechanics that meticulously tie our team selections to in-game performance and actions. For one, baseball players now have traits, making everyone distinct from each other.

Plus, these traits fall into different chemistry types. If specific numbers of players within the same chemistry type are on the baseball team, then their traits become boosted, which can become a game-changer.

If you’ve ever returned Steam games because of poor optimizations or lackluster game design, this won’t be the case for Super Mega Baseball 4. For an even better gaming experience, I highly recommend you play the game using a similarly-magnificent gamepad, like a special edition Xbox controller [affiliate link].

Out Of The Park Baseball 24

Another well-known baseball game series is Out Of The Park Baseball (OOTP),  with its latest offering, Out Of The Park Baseball 24, receiving huge support and positive reviews from fans all over the world, marking it amongst the best baseball games this year.

The game’s neat presentation, layout, and interface are genuinely pleasing, bearing similarities to the legendary soccer game, Football Manager. The game’s robust database of players, teams, and leagues is also impeccable.

There are so many things we can do to personalize our playthroughs in OOTP24, ranging from tweaking the AI settings to fiddling with seasonal budgets. We can even create our own baseball teams from scratch, introducing custom players too!

Newcomers may need to take things slowly in the beginning, though, because the game’s difficulty can be slightly unforgiving. Still, this adds to the realism, and our in-game wins and successes feel more rewarding.

With many console next-gen games emphasizing graphics and animations more, it’s great knowing that we still have incredible games like OOTP24 on PC, especially if we’re tight on budget. A good mid-tier gaming PC, like the STGAubron Gaming Desktop [affiliate link], is more than enough for us to play OOTP24 at its best.

MLB The Show 23

Finally, the ultimate baseball game we can play on the PC is none other than MLB The Show 23! Developed by San Diego Studio, this officially-licensed title exudes triple-A (AAA) quality and tons of replayability, including online play.

Disclaimer, though; NOT EVERY PC GAMER can play the game on their computer. This is because MLB The Show 23 is actually only released for major gaming consoles, each being PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch respectively.

However, an exception is made for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who can stream the game online via the platform’s cloud-gaming servers. This is the same for MLB The Show 22 as well, as covered last year.

So, after we’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (for a cheap $16 per month!), we can have MLB The Show 23 running legitimately on our PC. Performance differs according to hardware and Internet connection, but it’s still playable, nonetheless!

Back to MLB The Show 23, the game’s life-like player likenesses and top-notch animations are just a few of its talked-about strengths. The game’s ball-throwing bar (depicted on a player after making a catch) can have different ‘green zones’ for you to apply the right throwing power and accuracy, according to the respective player’s abilities.

This makes the game feel more technical in a good way, creating a higher skill ceiling for gamers. There are updates to the UI and game modes too, particularly Storylines that focus on The Negro Leagues.

As a PC gamer myself, the need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play the game can be a bit annoying. That being said, MLB The Show 23 alone is definitely worth it, using either a Logitech G533 Headset [affiliate link] for the immersive crowd sounds, or Redragon Speakers [affiliate link] to make your room come alive with all the noise and spectacle!

Frequently Asked Question

Is MLB The Show 23 cross platform

Yes, MLB The Show 23 is cross-platform and features cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Cross-progression is also available on all platforms for MLB The Show 23. (source: The Show FAQ)

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