How Do You Arrange Iridium Sprinklers?

In Stardew Valley, a Sprinkler is an item that automatically waters your crops each morning. Sprinklers come in 3 different qualities depending upon the area they cover. I’ll be covering Iridium Sprinklers in this post!

What Is An Iridium Sprinkler?

What Is An Iridium Sprinkler?
Iridium Sprinkler in Inventory

An Iridium Sprinkler is the highest quality Sprinkler present in the game. Its crafting recipe is unlocked once you reach Farming level 9 and requires a Battery Pack, Gold Bar, and Iridium Bar to make. It can also be bought from Krobus for 10,000g in his shop. It has a purple appearance and can be sold for 1,000g.

How Much Space Do Iridium Sprinklers Cover?

Iridium Sprinklers water 24 adjacent tiles in a 5×5 area. Tiles will only be watered if they’re tilled, and Garden Pots cannot be watered using a Sprinkler. Iridium Sprinklers offer the highest range among all Sprinklers, and their area of effect can be further increased with a Pressure Novel.

Even though at their maximum watering range, Iridium Sprinklers cover 24 adjacent tiles, the actual number of tiles watered will ultimately depend upon your positioning of the Sprinklers. As such, it’s vital that you know the best layout for your Iridium Sprinklers.

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How Do You Arrange Iridium Sprinklers?

To get the most out of Iridium Sprinklers, ensure that there is a 4 tile (horizontal and vertical) gap between each Sprinkler, as shown in the image above.

Since each Iridium Sprinkler waters 24 of its adjacent tiles, this layout ensures that you get the maximum range of each Sprinkler without leaving any of your crops un-watered!

Can You Use Pressure Novels With Iridium Sprinklers?

Can You Use Pressure Novels With Iridium Sprinklers?
Iridium Sprinklers Fitted with Pressure Nozzles

Yes! You absolutely can. A Pressure Novel is an upgrade item that can be placed on top of any Sprinkler to increase its maximum watering range. It can be obtained from Mr. Qi once you unlock his room on Ginger Island.

In the case of Iridium Sprinklers, a Pressure Novel can increase their maximum watering range from 24 adjacent tiles to an incredible 49 adjacent tiles!

You can view detailed information about Pressure Nozzles and how to use them with Iridium Sprinklers on the official Stardew Valley Wiki.

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