Optimal Layout for Ordinary Sprinklers

Stardew Valley is all about farming. Considering that, it isn’t a surprise that optimizing your farming techniques and constantly evaluating these methods is critical throughout the game!

Sprinklers are an item that falls under this category of farm optimization techniques. It’s essential to have these little guys around if you want to have an easy farming life for yourself. 

What are Sprinklers?

Optimal Layout for Ordinary Sprinklers

Sprinklers are utility items that water your crops in Stardew Valley. These are pretty handy since they’ll water your crops each morning. They can be placed on a single tile and have a watering range that changes with the Quality of the Sprinkler itself. 

These items don’t need any maintenance once placed and will work each day automatically. They’re simple to craft, allowing you to obtain tons of them without breaking a sweat! Sprinklers come in three variations – Ordinary, Quality, and Iridium.

Each of these has different crafting requirements and different watering ranges. I’ll keep it simple – An ordinary Sprinkler will water 4 of its adjacent tiles. A Quality Sprinkler in this regard waters 8 adjacent tiles – double that of an ordinary one. An Iridium Sprinkler, on the other hand, has a massive watering range of 24 adjacent tiles! 

I’ll point out here that all Sprinklers take up the same amount of space – 1 tile. This ensures that each of these provides a massive upgrade to its predecessor. Additionally, you can also fit the late-game “Pressure Nozzle” item into your Sprinklers to further increase their range. Since this is, however, relatively hard to obtain – I won’t be covering it here! You can find more information on the item here.

The following table summarizes all the essential information you need to know regarding each Sprinkler, including its crafting requirements.

TypeWatering RangeCrafting IngredientsSale Price
Ordinary Sprinkler4 Tiles1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar100g
Quality Sprinkler8 Tiles1x Iron Bar, 1x Gold Bar, 1x Refined Quartz450g
Iridium Sprinkler24 Tiles1x Gold Bar, 1x Iridium Bar, 1x Battery Pack1,000g

Best Layout for Each Sprinkler

Now, before you randomly place Sprinklers all over your farm, hear me out. Each of these items has a set coverage area. You must place them correctly so you can effectively cover your farm. 

To help you get the most out of your Sprinklers, I’ll explain the best layout you can have for each of them! I’ll do this for Sprinklers in sets of 4; feel free to apply this to any number of them according to your situation!

Ordinary & Quality Sprinklers

Optimal Layout for Quality Sprinklers

In the case of ordinary ones, you’ll be covering 4 adjacent tiles per Sprinkler. This means there should be a 2-tile vertical and horizontal distance between each Sprinkler you place. For reference, using this layout, you’ll effectively cover 16 tiles with 4 Ordinary Sprinklers. 

Quality Sprinklers, on the other hand, cover 8 adjacent tiles. This translates to all of the tiles exactly surrounding the Sprinkler itself. The only difference between Quality and the standard variant is that these ones also cover tiles diagonally. 

Since the immediate vertical and horizontal range of the Sprinkler remains the same as that of an ordinary one – the layout remains precisely the same. As such, keep a 2-tile vertical and horizontal distance, same as the last time, with each Quality Sprinkler you plant to maximize their coverage. 

Iridium Sprinklers

Optimal Layout for Iridium Sprinklers

The last and most expensive to craft variation of Sprinklers is the Iridium one. This is the best version of the item that you can have, and naturally, it has a much larger radius than the other two. Since you’ll be covering 24 adjacent tiles this time around, your layout pattern will change drastically.

An Iridium Sprinkler will cover 8 of the tiles immediately surrounding it and then further cover 16 of the tiles immediately surrounding those 8 tiles. To make it more simple, you’ll practically be covering two whole squares of tiles immediately around the Sprinkler itself.

This means that the best placement is to leave a 4-tile vertical and horizontal distance between each Iridium Sprinkler you plant. For reference, you can view the image above to see how this can be done. 

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