Diamond Video Capture VC500 Review

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For a long time, I’ve wondered how Youtube users, for instance, managed to upload so many old, obscure videos. I wondered what type of voodoo they used to magically transfer the content of VHS tapes or even older media onto the internet, and I imagined it required using a super-advanced VHS-playing computer attachment that cost hundreds of dollars. As it turns out, like most things, I overestimated it to the extreme. The Diamond Video Capture VC500 provides all of the functionality of my imagined devices with none of the complications or costs.

Works with any Video Output Device

With a touch of the single button, users can transfer and convert both audio and video from nearly any video playing device, including VCRs, DVD players, camcorders, laserdisc players, and any other type of video or audio device that utilizes a composite RCA connection or an S-Video connection.  And if users have devices that require other, less common types of connections, they can rest assured that a huge number of outside adapters are available that can connect the Diamond Video Capture VC500 with their computer.

Ease of Use

Diamond VC 500 Video Capture
Diamond VC 500 Video Capture

Using the VC500 to capture video and audio files and convert them to digital format  is incredibly easy and simple and can be done by anyone. For most devices that do not require a separate adapter, users need only hook up the analog connections to the device playing the video, and then plug the USB cord into the port of the recording computer. The device is controlled by a single button which starts and stop the transfer. With it, users can capture and convert specific sections of a video or the whole thing. They can even capture still images from paused videos and convert them to either JPEG or BMP formats.

Making Movies at Home

The VC500 includes a free copy of Arcsoft Show Biz, a video capture program users can install onto their computers. In addition to capturing video, the program can also be used to edit those videos, create movies, add a soundtrack or special effects, improve the quality, and burn the video files to DVD, Blu-ray, or AVCHD. It even has a streamlined uploading tool built in that can connect to such websites as Youtube, Facebook, and others, and automatically upload completed videos. Like the VC500, Show Biz is designed for ease of use and is perfect for home users wishing to edit and store irreplaceable moments on home videos or burn their old VHS collection onto much smaller and stronger DVDs.


At the time of this review, the VC500 only costs about $35. Considering the functionality and ease with which users can capture, convert, and store videos, that price tag is a bargain. Users can capture and record their favorite TV shows or important news stories, old movies, home videos, and even video gameplay, and then rest assured that those videos are securely stored in digital format that will never decay or lose quality. Anyone that wants to capture and record video from nearly any source will find that the Diamond Video Capture VC500 completes that goal admirably!

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