How To Find Diamonds in Stardew Valley
All About Diamonds in Stardew Valley
Diamonds are forever

Not only is Stardew Valley an exceptional farming game, but it also has an entire exploration-combat-based Mines system you can explore throughout your journey in the Valley!

The Mines are a dangerous part of the game, filled with scary monsters and valuable loot!

You’ll come across several precious resources during your expeditions in the Mines – and one of these resources happens to be Diamonds!

Here is everything you’ll ever need to know about Diamonds in Stardew Valley:

What Are Diamonds?

Diamond is a rare mineral in Stardew Valley. Although it has multiple resources, the gem can mainly be obtained from mining its node in the Mines. Diamonds are one of the highest valued Minerals in Stardew Valley and can be used to achieve multiple objectives throughout the game.

Diamonds happen to be one of the rarest and most valuable Minerals that can be found in Stardew Valley. 

The mineral has many uses and can primarily be obtained from its Gem Node in the Mine; however, it has many other possible sources from which you can obtain it.

You can use Diamonds for many reasons, from selling the item for Coins, using them in Quests, placing them in Bundles, and Foraging – to name a few.

They’re essentially high-value multi-purpose Minerals that are also incredibly useful for increasing your friendship with other Villagers!

Now that you have a good understanding of what Diamonds are, the following are their exact uses and how you can find them!

How To Find Diamonds in Stardew Valley?

How To Find Diamonds in Stardew Valley
How To Find Diamonds

There are multiple methods of obtaining a Diamond, such as exploring the Mines, killing specific Monsters, and using a Crystalarium.

Exploring The Mines

This happens to be the best method of getting your hands on these precious Minerals!

Diamonds start spawning in Diamond Nodes found in all layers above floor 50 in the Mines. 

Starting from floor 50 of the Mine, 1 in every 500 rocks will be a Diamond Node. 

The chances of finding a Diamond Node from here on out increments with the increase on each floor level.

Statistically, after floor 50, the generation rate of Diamonds will increase by 0.000016 per floor level.

Additionally, you can get lucky from time to time and find Diamonds from mining Gem Nodes. 

These Gem Nodes have a slight chance of being generated on any floor of the Mines.

Diamond and Gem Nodes containing this Mineral can also spawn in the Quarry once you’ve unlocked it, allowing you to farm more of them effortlessly.

Once you’ve completed all the floors and successfully reached the bottom of the Mines, every monster will have a slight chance of dropping a diamond when killed. 

If you haven’t reached the bottom, Diamonds will only be dropped by Iron, Copper, Purple, and Red variants of Slimes along with Wilderness Golems. 

Duggy also has a slight chance of dropping Diamonds when killed.

The drop rates of each monster are shown in more depth in the table below:

Monster NameDiamond Drop Rate When Killed
Red Slime1%
Iron Slime1%
Wilderness Golem0.1%
Copper Slime1%
All Monsters After Reaching Bottom of Mines0.05%
Purple Slime1%
Table 1: Diamond Drop Rate by Monster in Stardew Valley

Replicating in The Crystalarium

A Crystalarium is a device that replicates any Foraged and Geode Minerals or Gems inserted into it.

Since Diamonds fit these categories, you can insert a Diamond into the Crystalarium to receive a never-ending supply of it!

The Crystalarium will keep making copies of your Diamond unless you manually change the Gem inserted into it.

It takes 5 in-game days for the device to produce a Diamond ultimately. Although this process is slow, you can use multiple Crystalariums to increase your output.

You can also simulate a few days to practically skip the production time in a matter of seconds!

Replicating Diamonds is the best use you can get out of a Crystalarium. They provide the highest per day gold you can receive from any Mineral generated by the device.

However, using this method to gather Diamonds is only possible if you have at least 1 copy of the Mineral beforehand, which has to be inserted into the Crystalarium.

Due to this, I’d recommend that you first explore the mines to obtain at least 1 Diamond and then move on to using a Crystalarium to replicate it.

Safe to say, once you’ve gathered a good amount of Crystalariums, you won’t have to worry about running out of Diamonds again!

Unconventional Methods

There are some other methods with which you can obtain Diamonds; however, these are inconvenient, and getting Diamonds through these is quite rare and inefficient.

Fishing Treasure Chests

Firstly, you can occasionally find Diamonds in Fishing Treasure Chests. These chests have a 15% chance of appearing each time you play the fishing mini-game.

Completing the mini-game while catching the Treasure Chest that pops up will allow you to reveal its contents once the mini-game ends.

These chests can contain many items depending upon a base chance, in-game luck, and any booster you might have activated.


Another method of obtaining this Mineral is through Panning. 

You can use a Copper Pan to perform this action in shiny areas that randomly generate rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Although Panning is generally done to find Ores, it can sometimes net you a Mineral – which can be a Diamond! 

Scavenging Garbage Cans

You can also obtain Diamonds by searching in Garbage Cans.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but if you’re fortunate, you can sometimes find a Diamond while searching through Garbage Cans!

You should note that Garbage Cans will only contain Diamonds if you’ve successfully reached the bottom of the Mines at least 1 time. 

Before achieving this feat, none of the Garbage Cans will ever contain a Diamond.

Also, be careful while looting Garbage Cans for your precious Diamond, since doing this in front of a Villager causes them to become disgusted and lose friendship points with you!

Fish Ponds

The last method of finding Diamonds here is through Stonefish and Ice Pip Fish Ponds. 

These Ponds generally produce items once they reach a pre-determined threshold of population levels. 

The type of item they generate depends upon your luck and the kind of fish that inhabits the pond.

In the case of Diamonds, Stonefish and Ice Pip Fish Ponds have a chance of producing Diamonds once their population levels reach 9. 

This, however, is more of a mid-late game strategy and is highly inconvenient.

The following table shows the drop rates of all these methods:

Method UsedDiamond Drop Rates
Fishing Treasure Chests4-5% (Dependent on Fishing Zone)
Panning2% +/- Daily Luck & Buffs
Scavenging Garbage CansUndetermined
Stonefish Pond0.8%
Icepip Pond0.8%
Table 2: Diamond Drop Rate by Method Used

What Can Diamonds Be Used For?

What Can Diamonds Be Used For
What Can Diamonds Be Used For

You can use Diamonds for tons of things – and that’s not just limited to selling them! (even though that’s probably the best use you can make out of the Mineral).


The first and most obvious use of Diamonds is to sell them. 

Diamond is the most valuable Mineral in the game, next to the Prismatic Shard, in terms of the sale value. 

A single Diamond has a base selling price of 750g. In contrast, a Diamond sold while having the Gemologist profession will net you a whopping 975g!

You can hastily rack up a ton of money if you use a Crystalarium farm to make multiple Diamonds and simulate the days to get the Mineral quicker. 

For reference, if you use 100 Crystalariums to duplicate the Diamonds and simulate the days to produce them in a matter of seconds, you can get 97,500g just like that! 

(Provided you have the Gemologist profession; otherwise, it would be 75,000g)


Diamonds happen to be a fantastic gift that you can give to a majority of the townsfolk. 

It’s a universally liked present and even loved by a few of the Villagers. 

Suppose you’re looking for a generally good gift rather than going into the specific likes/dislikes of each Villager. In that case, Diamonds are the way to go.

You can use a Crystalarium for farming up Diamonds to gift them quickly. 

Since you can only give 2 gifts per week to each character, this method remains very effective at quickly increasing your friendship with the resident of Stardew Valley.

Other Uses

There are some other minor uses you can employ Diamonds for. 

Quests & Events

Firstly, once you’ve reached at least level 40 of the Mines, Villagers may randomly request diamonds in the Help Wanted Quests posted outside Pierre’s General Store.

There’s also the chance for several Diamonds to be requested in the Fish Ponds Quest. 

Additionally, you’ll have to place 1 Diamond in Grandpa’s Shrine each time you want him to evaluate or re-evaluate your farm.

Tailoring & Bundles

If you fancy a bit of Tailoring and want to craft the Pendant Shirt, you’ll have to say goodbye to 1 precious Diamond!

You can place a single Diamond in the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle of the Boiler Room (Note that this is generally only applicable to the Remixed Bundles).

Foraging & Recipes

A Diamond can be used as the Gem required to upgrade a weapon through the Forage system successfully. 

Doing so gives the weapon random upgrades and uses only 10 Cinder Shards instead of the usual 15-20.

The Trader in Calico Desert will also offer you one Triple Shot Espresso in exchange for 1 Diamond. 

Furthermore, 1 Diamond is required to be used as an ingredient for crafting the Ring of Yoba, Geode Crushers, and Fairy Dust.

That’s it! Now you’re aware of everything there’s to know about Diamonds in Stardew Valley. Now get on out there and get those precious Minerals!

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