The Directron FM2 Budget Gaming PC

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The Directron FM2 Budget Gaming PC comes packed with a decent outfit of hardware that won’t necessarily leave a big hole in your bank account. There are a few cutbacks made here and there but for the most part, this is a solid choice for a mid-range gaming PC.

The Directron FM2 comes loaded with an AMD A10-Series APU A10-6800K which can be boosted to 4.4 if you decide to overclock it. It’s a quad-core processor that will give you good performance, but I’ve always been weary of the higher fail rate in AMD processors. If you’re looking only at benchmarks, this chip will certainly do the job, but Intel has always made me feel better about my machine over the long term.

The Radeon HD8670D graphics processor is a beast. Once again, if we’re only talking straight performance, this card will impress. But, this GPU runs hot, so I can’t recommend overclocking it. Luckily, the case leaves plenty of room for ventilation, so the card is able to breath well. Even with the large amount of ventilation and a fan that I installed myself, the 8670 still started to reach 90 degrees or more while playing some of the more demanding portions of Guild Wars 2.

The case itself comes with a limited number of inputs, but the motherboard makes up for it with a large variety, including four USB 3.0 slots.

At $900 this is a good choice for someone that doesn’t want to put their own machine together piece by piece, especially with the SSD that is lightning fast. But, over the long term it may not be a bad idea to know what parts you’ll want to replace first.


  • Powerful GPU
  • AMD processor has great performance
  • SSD built-in


  • Runs hot the whole way around
  • Limited inputs on the front of the case
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