does gamefly rent pc games

Before the dawn of digital downloads and online storefronts, renting them was the most popular way to play the most games on the cheap. At first, video stores led the charge, offering a selection of game titles for various systems along with their movie collection. Then came certain game stores that started following suit, offering rental services on top of their usual game sales.

This inevitably led to the founding of GameFly, a website that offered game rentals via post. It was a service similar to Netflix’s original offering, which allowed for renting ofDVDs. In 2022, GameFly is still a thing and offers a wide variety of titles for you to rent and play at a low cost.

Does GameFly Rent PC Games?

GameFly does not have PC games in its catalog for renting. The site only has titles for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and 3DS in its library. They even have some games for older systems. This too, excludes older PC titles from their offerings.

Does GameFly Still Rent Games?

GameFly has a massive library of games for the entire spectrum of consoles from the last three generations that they rent out. Their collection also includes older retro games from earlier console generations. You can rent as many games as you want for a single monthly fee. You can even opt to buy a game you’ve rented by paying a low used price.

How Does GameFly Work Now?

GameFly uses a subscription model to rent out games. They have a 1-Game tier that costs $15.95 per month and a 4-Game tier at $43.95 per month. With your subscription, you can select games through their website or app. The company then mails the game disc to you through First-Class Mail.

When you’re done with your rented game, you need to use the pre-paid shipping mailer to return the disc. You need to return the game you’ve rented before you can pick another one. If you’re on the 4-Game tier, you can rent up to 4 games each time.

Is GameFly Physical or Digital?

GameFly only offers physical games in its library. After setting up a subscription, you can select a game from their catalog, which then gets mailed to you along with a pre-paid return mailer. As GameFly is focused on renting and selling used games, their service doesn’t include digital titles.

What Happens If You Keep GameFly Games?

Unlike most other media rental services, GameFly has no due dates or late return fees. As such, they allow you to hold onto and play your rented games for as long as you want before you return them. GameFly offers a “Keep” option if you want to hold onto a title indefinitely.

By choosing to keep a GameFly game, the site will charge you a low used price for the game, meaning you’re buying it to own. GameFly is focused on the used market so any games you keep from them are never charged at their full launch price.

GameFly also allows you to continue playing your games for a limited time if you cancel your account with them. After making the cancellation, you have 1 week to return the game or games you’ve rented. If you don’t send the game back within that timeframe, GameFly will send you a bill to buy the game.

Ignoring this bill may result in GameFly filling it with your local collections. However, if you have legitimate reasons for your delay, you’ll need to contact the site directly.

How Long Does GameFly Take to Ship in 2022?

GameFly ships your rented games almost as soon as they receive your order, depending on the time of day. This means that it can take up to 2 days for your games to arrive in the mail. GameFly ships orders for new releases the day before their official launch. This means that you can play newly launched games on or near the same day they come out.

Does Netflix Own GameFly?

GameFly is owned by the same conglomerate that operates Alliance Media. However, it functions as an independent company. It was their original intention in 2010 to have the company go public. However, those plans were scrapped and the company remains independent to this day.

Despite having a similar approach to the way Netflix used to function, the two companies have no relationship with one another.

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