Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

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Apart from Rayman and a few other fun games, Ubisoft is a very professional video game studio, always taking games seriously. We look at Assassins Creed, the upcoming open world game Watch Dogs and even the original Far Cry 3 and see a company desperate to be taken seriously even though the game mechanics flutter at times.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the exact opposite of a serious game, it takes the same mechanics and design from original Far Cry game, but packs in a ton of neon, Blood Dragons, so many 80’s action references it hurts and an overwhelmingly fun and exciting experience.

Blood Dragon; Summary Of 80’s Action

Even though it is displayed as a simple expansion of the Far Cry experience, Blood Dragon brings a new adventure, one packed with neon colours and epic short comic book style cutscenes.

The game centers around Rex Power Colt, he is sent to an island to take down an evil guy that wants to nuke the world, the plot is very humorous and dives into a wormpool of 80s action puns, including old weapons, quotes and looks.

In many ways Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon reminds you there are people developing video games and these developers are not just staring at code for eight hours a day, they are making up really funny and exciting plots and mechanics.

Short Fun Story

Blood Dragon may not be an expansion DLC, but it is not a fully fleshed out game and we are glad it is not. The problem with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is if it went on for 10 hours, we would get insanely bored of the story.

Thankfully, it goes on for about two hours, at least the main quest does. If you like the art style and slightly different mechanics and new weaponry, you can keep playing side missions, although these are repetitive.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gets the pacing right and the weird factor is turned up to 11, with a lot of funky nostalgic back to the future meets RoboCop meets Terminator 2 meets any other 80s action movie.

Mechanics Work

Far Cry 3 always had rather quirky mechanics, the driving was pretty good but a little jagged, running and climbing was an odd and sometime corrupt experience, shooting was inconsistent and a little light.

On Blood Dragon, the arcade styling changes these mechanics ever so slightly, so they actually work very well. The character on this game can run much faster and this works better for tactical stealth missions.

Blood Dragons play a unique part in the game and it is intwined into taking over bases, simply, Blood Dragons are the most powerful entity in the game and will rip enemies to shreds, you alert and move these Blood Dragons by throwing Cyborg Hearts.


The game makes a meal of trying to be funny and it works, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is without doubt one of the best expansions to the Far Cry 3 universe, so much so the player does not need to have experienced Far Cry 3 to play Blood Dragon.

Even though Ubisoft essentially borrowed most of the mechanics and world design from the previous game, they have incorporated a lot of new features to Blood Dragon to make the experience feel original and fun.

However, there are some small problems with Blood Dragon, the side missions are boring and the game lives off the idea it is short. This is not something you want to play for more than five hours or it starts to get really dull and repetitive.

Overall we find the game is an excellent buy, at $15, it is worth every cent for a small nostalgic trip back to 80s action, set in a neon-paste Far Cry 3 island.

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