Final Fantasy VIII Arrives On Steam

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Image courtesy of Precision GFX
Image courtesy of Precision GFX

There’s no doubting the success of the Final Fantasy series which set the benchmark for RPG games to live up to over the past decades.

In a celebration to some of their more popular titles, developers Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy VIII will be made available to download on Steam.

It had been rumoured that the titles would appear on Steam for several months especially after Final Fantasy VII had been confirmed on the platform late last year.

Often regarded as two of the best editions in the series, VII and VIII were released back in the late 90’s when the PC gaming boom first took off.

However, the titles had yet to be re-released for modern machines leaving RPG fans waiting for years to re-access the titles.

When the games launch onto Steam, they will come with a host of new achievements that have been updated to welcome the game’s arrival to modern devices.

Image courtesy of matacentauros
Image courtesy of matacentauros

Some of the game’s achievements has already been revealed on Steam and are based on unlocking numerous characters such as Leviathan and Pandemona.

Final Fantasy VIII was the first game in the series to take a more normal stance using more realistic characters and eliminating the use of point based spells within the game.

It joins its immediate predecessor Final Fantasy VII onto Steam which was announced in 2012 and often features some of the most prominent characters in the series such as Cloud and Tifa.

Both games will also contain new features that are reminiscent of modern technology such as the ability to save games to a cloud network meaning that users can carry on playing files no matter what device they are on.

On top of that, new players to the game will be able to boost their HP and MP levels to maximum allowing them to overcome any difficult hurdles.

There still hasn’t been any direct announcement about when the Final Fantasy games will be available to download on Steam but both the icons of the game are listed on the platform’s online store and are expected to be released in the next few months.

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