How Can You Make a Furnace
All You Need to Know About Furnaces in Stardew Valley
All You Need to Know About Furnaces in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley takes you on a long, adventure-filled journey that will require you to invest your time and effort into varying fields of the game. It has many different things you need to explore to have an optimal experience throughout your game.

The game uses several types of machinery and devices such as Kegs, Oil Makers, Preserves Jars, and the like. One such item of particular significance is a Furnace.


A Furnace is an item that allows you to smelt the Ores into their Bar variants. You can craft a furnace after obtaining its blueprint from Clint. Although they’re primarily used to smelt Ores Furnaces can also be used to make Refined Quartz and a Wilted Bouquet.

In the case of Ores, a Furnace requires you to use up 5 Ores and 1 piece of Coal for it to work. If you use these necessary ingredients correctly, the Furnace will activate and provide you with a smelted Bar of the inputted Ore after some time.

It is generally a handy item to have and easy to come across. You’ll mainly require multiple Furnaces in your playthrough to ensure efficient smelting and progression in the game.

How Can You Make a Furnace?

How Can You Make a Furnace
How Can You Make a Furnace

A Furnace isn’t resource-intensive at all and can be crafted very quickly. To make one, you’ll first have to unlock its blueprint. 

Crafting Recipe

To unlock the crafting recipe/blueprint for the Furnace, you’ll need to collect at least 1 Copper Ore. These are widespread resources, and you can easily find them in the levels of the Mine. Just venture a few floors in, and you’ll come across one in no time! 

(Note that this Copper Ore doesn’t have to come from mining for this work. It can be collected from any source, and the method will work regardless)

Once you’ve collected a piece of Copper Ore, go back to your farm and sleep. When you wake up the following day, go anywhere outside your farmhouse between the 6-11:30 AM timeslot. Doing so will trigger a cutscene showing Clint coming up to you and providing you with the Furnace’s blueprint!

(You can also receive a Furnace by completing the Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room of the Community Center building)

Making the Furnace

Once you’ve unlocked its recipe, you can make the Furnace. To do so, press the “E” button on your keyboard to bring up your inventory menus. Navigate to the crafting section and find the Furnace item here. It will now be unlocked since you’ve discovered its blueprint.

A Furnace requires 25 Stones and 20 pieces of Copper Ore to craft. If you have these in your inventory, hover over the item in the crafting menu and press it once to make a Furnace! You can create multiple Furnaces by repeatedly clicking on the item.

How Do You Smelt Ores?

How Do You Smelt Ores
How Do You Smelt Ores

Now that you know how to find its recipe and craft the Furnace, let’s move on to its use. As mentioned, the Furnace mainly allows you to smelt Ores into Bars. To perform this action, ensure that you have at least five pieces of Ore you want to smelt in your inventory.

You’ll also need to have one piece of Coal for every Bar you intend to make, as this fuels up the Furnace – allowing it to burn. Once you’ve done these steps, equip your Ore and stand in front of the Furnace. You can right-click on the Furnace now to cause it to fire up and burn.

The Furnace will start moving up and down in its position and have an orange flame at its center – indicating that it has become active. The ingredients will be used up, and after some time, the Furnace will produce 1 Bar of the Ore you used as input.

Once the Furnace has completed the Smelting process, its flame will die, and the item will stop moving. A picture of the resultant item will pop above the Furnace – indicating that it’s ready to be collected!

Once the Furnace is in this phase, you can right-click on it to collect your item. Afterward, the Furnace will return to its dormant state – ready to be used for smelting again. Note that you can only smelt 1 Bar of a resource at a time with a single Furnace. 

You can also place working Furnaces outside the area of your farm. You can review all these locations in the Stardew Valley Wiki.

How Long Does it Take for a Furnace to Smelt?

The actual time required to smelt an Ore depends upon the type of Ore or item used. The following table shows all the inputs you can have for a Furnace, their requirements, output items, and smelting times:

Input ItemSmelting Time (In-Game)RequirementOutput Item
Copper Ore30 Minutes1 Coal & 5 OreCopper Bar
Iron Ore120 Minutes (2 H)1 Coal & 5 OreIron Bar
BouquetLess than 10 Minutes1 Coal & 1 BouquetWilted Bouquet
Gold Ore300 Minutes (5 H)1 Coal & 5 OreGold Bar
Quartz90 Minutes1 Coal & 1 QuartzRefined Quartz
Iridium Ore480 Minutes (8 H)1 Coal & 5 OreIridium Bar
Fire Quartz90 Minutes1 Coal & 1 Fire QuartzRefined Quartz
Radioactive Ore600 Minutes (10 H)1 Coal & 5 OreRadioactive Bar
Table: How long does it take in Stardew Valley for a Furnace to Smelt?

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