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So, here’s the deal: gaming computer cases are to gamers as handbags or shoes are to women. And being a mixture of both – gamer girl; yeah, baby! – makes reviewing these beauties all the more fun. Whether they’re tougher than the Hulk Hogan on a wrecking ball, or softer than Miley Cyrus when she wasn’t prancing around naked at the VMAs, you’ve got to love ‘em.

That’s why I’ve selected four of these gorgeous creations – purr – to review. If you’re into building your own rig a sexy gaming computer case is a must, you know, something that will get the juices flowing. It’s like buying a new car. What’s under the hood is of the most importance, but if it isn’t a stunner too, you’re less likely to buy it.

So let’s get this show on the road. First up…

The NZXT Guardian 921 RB ATX Mid Tower Case

Gaming Computer Case No. 1: NZXT-Guardian-921-RB-ATX-Mid-Tower-Case

This case reminds me of something out of a galaxy far, far away. Does anyone else feel like it’s watching them? It’s sleek styling, combined with its mean attitude make for a truly hard core gaming atmosphere. Which, let’s face it, is the kind of vibe you want to put out when you’re kicking but in Battlefield.

So, what are the features?

  • It’s a Mid Tower made of SECC Steel – oorah! Manly.
  • It weighs 28.2 pounds – pretty heavy but not the heaviest. Still manly and pretty darn solid.
  • Blue or red LED lighting. And we all love our rigs to shine while we kick some butt.
  • A front I/O panel with 2 USB ports and one eSATA port, as well as your basic headphone/audio extension ports. Who else hates fumbling around at the back of their rig for plug n play?
  • Three 5.25 inch and two 3.5 inch external bays, as well as four 3.5 inch internal bays. Couldn’t shove more drives into this baby if you tried. Well, you’ll have to, since it doesn’t come with drives, just the capability to hold plenty of ‘em.

So, if you want something black and blue, or black and red, with attitude and the added benefits of easily accessible ports and bays, then the NZXT Guardian is the way to go. Check out a more detailed review here.

Cost: $59.99

The Corsair Carbide Series 200R Compact ATX Case

Gaming Computer Case No. 2: Corsair-Carbide-Series-200R-Compact-ATX-Case

Okay, it kinda looks like a huge big block of steel. But, that’s sexy in it’s own right. Sleek, smooth and chunky in a good way. Name’s so nice you have to say it twice? That might be the case but let’s check out it’s features before we pronounce Mr. Hefty the winner.

  • Ding, ding! Weighs in at 26.5 pounds. Not too heavy, not too light.
  • 7 PCIe slots with room for GPUs. Extra slots for more fun with components.
  • Up to 8 fan mounts – perfect for cooling all those components down.
  • Installation of 4x 3.5 inch and 4x 2.5 inch drives is 100% tool free. Aint that handy?
  • A front panel with 2x 3.0 USB port and microphone and headphone ports. Mr. Hefty doesn’t have as many as our sleek cyborg above.
  • Dust filter. That’s what you need if you’re cooling with fans. It will keep the interior of your case clean instead of filled with dust and dirt.

The case’s real appeal is that it’s minimalistic. If you’re into gaming without all the mess and fuss, or bells and whistles, then this might just be the case for you. Check out a more detailed review here.

Cost: $59.99

The Cooler Master HAF 912 – Mid Tower Computer Case

Gaming Computer Case No. 3: Cooler-Master-HAF-912-Mid-Tower-Computer-Case

Cooler Master is one of my favourite hardware brands. Quality, quality, quality. And the Cooler Master HAF 912 is no different. This bad boy looks like it’s raring to go into battle – like a soldier holding his gun – and it’s features don’t disappoint.

  • 21 pounds of kickass Cooler Master case. It’s lighter than most.
  • Two REMOVABLE dust filters. What’s that sound? Is Mr. Hefty weeping softly in the background?
  • Water cooling outlets.
  • 2x 3.5 inch HDD/SDD bays. Not as good as our last two contenders.
  • 7+1 expansion slots. Marginally better than the last two contenders.
  • A front panel with two USB ports and mic and headphone ports. A tie in this case – excuse the pun.

So, if you’re into great functionality and a rough, kick-you-in-the-crotch vibe, then this gaming computer case is perfect for you. You can’t really go wrong with the Cooler Master brand. Here’s a more detailed review for you avid rig builders.

Cost: $59.99

The Rosewill Gaming ATX Full Tower Computer Case THOR

Gaming Computer Case No. 4: Rosewill-Gaming-ATX-Full-Tower-Computer-Case-THOR

Let me point this out, real quick: it’s called THOR. As in, God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth – drool – Thor. That’s got to bode well, doesn’t it? And just like Thor was muscly and gorgeous – can you blame me?? – so is the Rosewill gaming computer case. With a LED light for its fan, it shines some red light on the gaming scene. It’s probably not fair to compare a Full Tower Case to the other Mid Towers, but hell, I’m going to do it anyway. Just because I can. Let’s have a closer look.

  • 36.9 pounds. BOOM! What more can I say? Invest in a solid oak table.
  • 10 expansion slots. Speechless. 10. Really? I’m not sure how many components you want to shove into your case, but if you’re serious about gaming, this is the case for you.
  • A 230mm Front Fan with LED. Snazzy and with great cooling capacity. It’s always good when a case comes with a stock fan.
  • Top mounted fan control buttons. Is anyone else drooling a little bit? So you get a stock fan and knobs to control it with?
  • A top mounted I/O panel with 2 USB ports, 1 eSATA, and mic output and audio input ports. So top mounted might be a bit of a hassle, but it’s still in the front of the PC, and that’s what counts.

It’s heftier than any of the others, which is a drawback if you have a weentsy desk, but great if you want something solid. It’s mean and in control, and will likely make every other gamer you know jealous enough to throw a hammer at you. Don’t worry though, they don’t have access to Thor’s hammer, so you’re safe. For now… Here’s some more detailed info on this beauty.

Cost: $101.11

And The Best Gaming Computer Case is…

For me, it’s a tossup between the Rosewill and the NZXT. Look, they’re both solid cases, with great functionalities and capabilities. They’re probably for the more advanced rig builders, and that’s a definite bonus. The Rosewill’s top I/O panel might serve to irritate me a little, but it’s sheer benefits make me squirm around with excitement. And it’s not really fair to compare a Full Tower to a Mid Tower. They’re both winners, but I still  pick Thor as my choice for the BEST gaming computer case.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

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