Gaming Keyboard vs. Regular Keyboard

Millions of people look for new keyboards every day. Most of them need help choosing between a gaming keyboard and a regular one. With so many options in the market, it usually takes a long time to decide what they will buy at day’s end.

Generally, gaming keyboards are considered a more decent choice as they provide much better gaming features. On the other hand, regular keyboards are just as good if you are not into competitive gaming.

Since the “Gaming Revolution” hit, the PC industry has undergone radical changes. Likewise, the keyboards have changed as well. Therefore, making the right choice can prove challenging.

If you have been searching for the perfect keyboard for your desk, this guide is worth reading.

What Makes A Good Keyboard

Apart from the casual debate on Gaming Keyboard vs. Regular Keyboard, let us first discuss what makes a keyboard worth buying.


The first thing you would expect from your keyboard is a fast and reliable connection to your computer. A keyboard’s capability to establish and maintain a strong connection with your PC justifies its serviceability and versatility in its use.

Therefore, when buying a new keyboard, look for its connectivity options. Most modern keyboards support wireless and wired connection; having both in one can be considered a good option.

Switches and Keys

You should always watch out for the keys on your keyboard and their switches. Mechanical Switches or Keyboard Switches are present underneath the keycaps (usually the ones with the letters printed on them).

They are responsible for multiple things like key presses, tactile and audio feedback, etc. Keep in mind that the types of switches used in the keyboard directly influence the user experience.

Typically, you will find one of three types of switches on a branded keyboard. These are clicky, linear, or tactile, depending on the switch’s color and the company that made it.

The presence of these switches ensures that you will have a personalized experience while typing on the keyboard.

I like keyboards with tactile switches (brown-colored ones) as they provide decent key travel and make fewer clicky sounds while I am typing.


Ergonomics is perhaps the only thing you won’t consider when checking out the keyboard in a store. However, whenever you are typing on a computer using that keyboard, you will feel pressure on the joints of your arm and shoulders.

For this reason, an ergonomic keyboard is recommended by experts because its design keeps you from getting tired even when typing for extended periods.

Response Time

Another quality of a good keyboard is its response time. Gaming keyboards are generally the winners of this category as they register inputs surprisingly fast, thanks to their higher polling rates than regular keyboards.

A polling rate of a keyboard is the rate at which the input signal travels from the key to your computer’s motherboard. The higher your keyboard’s polling rate, the faster it will perform.

Build Material

It might not be significant for some users, but build material also demands your focus. Even though plastic is the industry standard, many variations exist, like recycled plastic and PVC.

Generally, a good keyboard features a sturdy plastic build that can withstand substantial pressure. Similarly, the keycaps should ideally have inlaid or etched letters so they are not rubbed away after use.

Gaming Keyboard vs. Regular Keyboard: Which One Is Better?

Categorically speaking, both gaming and regular keyboards find use in entirely different scenarios. Many gamers will favor the gaming keyboard and professionals such as video editors, graphic designers, and game developers.

However, business professionals and office workers generally prefer the regular keyboard as their usage doesn’t require high polling rates and fancy lighting to work.

Yep, “RGB boosts performance” is a myth for working professionals. But ask any gamer, and he’ll say RGB is the ultimate game-changer.

Nevertheless, here’s the breakdown to help you understand which keyboard is better and why.

Gaming KeyboardRegular Keyboard
Offers High Response RatesOffers Standard Response Rates
Comes With RGBDoes Not Come With RGB
Is More ExpensiveIs Less Expensive
Keys Lasts LongerKeys Do Not Last Longer
Built With High-Grade MaterialsBuilt With Standard Plastic
Features Durable SwitchesFeatures Standard Switches
Has Dedicated Software SupportDoes Not Have Dedicated Software Support
Can Perform CompetitivelyCannot Perform Competitively
Provides Premium User ExperienceProvides Standard User Experience
Supports CustomizationDoes Not Support Customization

Additionally, some gaming keyboard brands usually offer many other features like USB ports, specialized keys, switches, and even speakers.

Let’s dive a little deeper!

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming Keyboards, as hinted in the above table, are a better choice for most people who struggle to find a new keyboard.

1.    Gaming Keyboards Give You An Edge

Gaming keyboards are designed to give you an edge in your favorite games. They offer features that regular keyboards don’t, such as customizable backlighting, programmable keys, and onboard memory that you can use effectively to boost your gaming experience.

Additionally, gaming keyboards often have programmable keys, which allow you to map specific actions or commands to certain keys. This can be extremely helpful in games where you must quickly perform complex actions.

2.    Gaming Keyboards Are More Durable

Gaming keyboards also tend to be more durable, so you can keep using them for years. This means that they can withstand more wear and last longer over time.

Durability is only one of the many reasons why gaming keyboards are better than regular keyboards.

3.    Gaming Keyboards Are More User Friendly

They offer user-oriented features that can help you improve your gameplay. For example, many gaming keyboards have backlighting, which can help you see the keys in low-light conditions.

Unlike the one present on “some” standard keyboards, the backlight on gaming keyboards works way better.

Bonus Insights on Gaming Keyboards: A Gamer’s Perspective

Here are ten reasons why gaming keyboards are a better choice than regular keyboards from a gamer’s perspective.

  • First, gaming keyboards are perfect for competitive gaming.
  • Second, they are more aesthetic due to their RGB lights.
  • Third, they provide you with an excellent typing experience.
  • Fourth, you can easily customize them.
  • Fifth, gaming keyboards offer various designs for people with versatile requirements, like TKL Keyboards, Full Mechanical, Ergonomic Keyboards, etc.
  • Sixth, they offer excellent tactile feedback.
  • Seventh, they provide software support for advanced settings.
  • Eighth, gaming keyboards respond faster than regular keyboards.
  • Ninth, they are less likely to miss keystrokes when fast-typing.
  • Tenth, they come with better build qualities.

Regular Keyboards

Unlike Gaming Keyboards, Regular Keyboards are much simpler in both usage and build. People who dislike having hefty keyboards often buy sleek and simple ones to ensure they have enough desk space.

Most of the time, these people belong to professional / business workspaces. Here’s why regular keyboards should be your go-to option.

1.    Regular Keyboards Are More Manageable

Even though many space-saving gaming keyboards are available, regular keyboards tend to be smaller and thinner, making them a viable option for small setups. Additionally, this small form factor allows regular keyboards to be portable and allows easier storage.

2.    Regular Keyboards Require Less Maintenance

The second most prominent thing about regular keyboards is that they require less maintenance. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the keys and switches of regular keyboards as often as you would on gaming keyboards.

This is because there is less space available for dust and debris to fall between the keys on regular keyboards than on gaming keyboards.

3.    Regular Keyboards Are Cheaper

Another pro of owning a regular keyboard is that it is cost-effective. This works exceptionally well when you are buying keyboards for your business needs.

Regular Keyboards work just as well as Gaming Keyboards in “Business Applications” and are cheaper.

Bonus Insights on Regular Keyboards: A Business Owner’s Perspective

Here are ten reasons why regular keyboards are a better choice from a businessman’s point of view.

  • First, regular keyboards are less expensive.
  • Second, they are more portable and easier to travel with.
  • Third, they take up less space on your desk.
  • Fourth, they typically have a longer lifespan.
  • Fifth, regular keyboards are more comfortable for most people to use.
  • Sixth, they are easier to type on.
  • Seventh, they are more accurate.
  • Eighth, they are easier to use for extended periods.
  • Ninth, they are less likely to cause injuries.
  • Tenth, they are easier to find in stores.

How To Choose The Best Keyboard: Gaming vs. Regular?

Generally, Gaming Keyboards are considered better as they provide a much better gaming feature set, and on the same aspect, regular keyboards offer better value to professionals.

If you can still not select one based on your preferences, here is a short guide to help you choose the best keyboard.

Set Your Budget

The first thing you want to do before buying a new keyboard is set your budget. This will help narrow down options and increase the chances of getting the best deal. You will also ensure you do not overspend by following a predefined budget.

Know Your Requirements

Now that you know your budget, you can move on to better understanding your requirements. Things like polling rate, response time, design, backlights, and switches should be on the top spots of your requirements list.

Evaluate Your Usage

By now, you will have a sound idea of what you want. Now is the time to evaluate how your desired features reflect on your usage of the keyboard.

Ask yourself the following questions, and you will have a clear idea of the type of keyboard that has the features you want and is capable of keeping up with your use.

  1. Will you be using the keyboard for gaming?
  2. Do you want a keyboard for professional use?
  3. Do you want the keyboard to be extra responsive?
  4. Does your use demand a keyboard with a specific design?

… etc.

The more answers you have, the more precise the answer becomes.

Look For Competitors

The steps mentioned above will land you on an ideal option that will be able to meet your requirements. Now, you would want to check out the keyboard’s competition in both the regular and gaming categories.

Doing so can get the best value deal concerning the keyboard’s specifications and price tag.

Ask Active Users

In the end, you can read user reviews or ask any active users in your contacts about their experience using the keyboard you want to buy.

Active users will be able to provide you with practical feedback that you won’t be able to find anywhere online or even when testing the keyboard in a store yourself. Keeping their views in mind, you can proceed with your purchase.

Why Do People Think Gaming Keyboards Are Always Better?

There are plenty of reasons why people think gaming keyboards are always better. Mainly because they tend to have more features than regular keyboards, such as backlighting, macros, and more.

Additionally, they’re designed specifically for gaming, so they’re built to be more durable and responsive. This reflects well in day-to-day usage and whenever people decide to use them for gaming or let their friends use the keyboard.

Finally, gaming keyboards typically look more stylish and gaming-oriented than regular keyboards.

Compliments and desire for gaming keyboards have arisen in the past few years, since the gaming industry started blooming. Therefore, many people have switched to gaming keyboards resulting in increased demand.

Computer Hardware companies like ASUS, ROG, Corsair, and Redragon have further propelled the use of gaming keyboards with newer enhanced designs.

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