The Best Gaming PC Under 500

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Let’s give our friends in the U.K. a little support. So you guys want a new gaming PC under 500 because you have a tight budget? It is possible. Middle to high end PC’s don’t need to cost thousands and are thus affordable. In fact, due to the rapid advance of technology you can pick up an excellent gaming machine for an even better price. Unlike a console, most of these machines are easily upgrade-able to increase their life span and give even better value for money. Here’s a list of some of the best gaming PC’s for under £500. (If you’ve got a higher budget, try these).

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Gaming PC Under 500 Number 1: Gateway DX4380-UR22 Desktop (Black)           £400

Capable of playing the most recent games on medium to high graphics on a 1366×768 display with ease, this really is the PC of choice for someone in the market for a budget gaming PC. It’s a no frills arrangement that comes standard with Windows 8.

  • It comes with 6GB of high speed RAM, upgradeable to 16GB.
  • An AMD Radeon HD 7540D Graphics card.
  • All powered by a 3.6GHz AMD Dual Core A6-5400K Trinity Processor, that can be over clocked to reach 3.8GHz.
  • With its 1TB hard drive you’ll have plenty of space for those newer games that are hitting the shelves.

This machine can take on even newer games with ease and still produce smooth frame rates throughout all the action. If that’s not enough you can buy it with an upgraded 16GB of RAM to really keep it playing into the future. This is system is perfect for casual gamers who want to play the most recent games and don’t want a console.

Gaming PC Under 500 Number 2: ANKERMANN PC Wildcat GAMER               £497

Not quite as good value for cost as The Gateway, but equally as capable, if not more so. Whilst it is more powerful than the Gateway it is more expensive than it.

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  • It is powered by the powerful 4.1GHz AMD 5800X quad core processor.
  • The AMD Radeon HD 8670 Graphics. A high powered graphics card, capable of running DirectX11 applications in high resolution.
  • It also has a 16GB Kingston memory card which will be more than enough RAM for the popular games of today.
  • Finally a 500GB hard drive, which will allow you plenty of space to store multiple games, films and whatever else you want.

An excellent PC, it is capable of running even the most modern games and maintaining smooth frame rates. Its silent fan means you won’t have to listen to it every time you run high end applications.

Gaming PC Under 500
Gaming PC Under 500 Image by Zhao!

Gaming PC Under 500 Number 3: Cyberpower Infantry GT Gaming Desktop PC

Another powerful gaming PC for a low price. A sleek looking system with high quality parts and a decent graphics card means it can stay in the running on even hardware intensive games such as Dirt: Showdown and Crysis 3.

  • A Quad Core AMD processor running at 3.6GHz allows it to power through most games and software. Giving you smooth frame rates at higher graphics levels.
  • The middle of the road AMD Radeon HD7560D GPU gives a good balance between power consumption and graphics. Giving your system excellent stability and minimizing overheating.
  • 8GB of DDR3 RAM, is more than enough for modern games and should be viable into the future as games get more advanced.
  • 1TB hard drive gives you all the room you will need for storing things.

Overall a powerful and well-designed machine, which looks great too. Whilst it might struggle at running the most modern games at highest settings it’s great for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Gaming PC Under 500 Number 4: FX-6300 Gaming PC, Home PC, Desktop PC

A PC built around its 6-Core FX-6300 Bulldozer processor. Whilst it will struggle to give you the highest settings on most modern games whilst maintaining a smooth frame rate. It will play even some of the more hardware intensive ones smoothly at low or medium graphics settings.

  • A 6-Core FX-6300 3.7GHz processor, a powerful processor, whilst its architecture is a little dated, it is still very capable of providing the power you need.
  • An AMD Radeon 6670 Graphics card with 2GB of dedicated RAM will play any game on the market with reasonable frame rate, if not on the highest settings.
  • 8GB of DDR3 RAM.
  • 1TB hard drive.

A well rounded PC, with an excellent processor. Its 6-Core processor will struggle with older high end games, as they won’t be able to use all the cores, however most of them will be easily dealt with by the high speed and modern graphics card.

Gaming PC Under 500 Number 5: VIBOX Vision 2 – 3.4GHz Dual Core Computer

The lowest powered of the PC’s in this list as it lacks the quad-core processor, but can still perform well for games. It is still able to run most PC Games effectively. Vibox also sell packages that include a PC and all peripherals, for a good price. Which would be especially good if you’re just breaking into the PC market and need a keyboard, speakers, mouse and monitor.

  • 3.4GHz AMD Athlon 270 Dual Core Processor.
  • Radeon HD6450 Dedicated GPU with 2GB of dedicated RAM. A cost effective graphics card.
  • 8GB of high speed RAM.
  • 1TB hard drive.

That was the list of the top 5 gaming PCs for under £500. The number one spot is held by the Gateway DX simply for its excellent cost value, a cheap and effective PC with Windows 8 as standard, capable of tackling any of the most modern games for a low cost..

It is widely accepted that PC gaming is going through something of a renaissance at the moment, with the current consoles edging towards redundancy and some of the best Indie games on the market being PC exclusive.   Either way, don’t worry about the price and get yourself into the PC Gaming community  you won’t regret it.

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