New Screenshots Released As Launch Rumors Increase About GTA V On PC

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It’s one of the most anticipated games of 2013 and there is no stopping the rumours surrounding the hotly debated release of GTA V on PC.

In the latest twists to the saga, Romanian site Emag has reported that the game will indeed make an appearance on PC and is set for a release date of December 31, 2013

The report boosts information from sources in Germany where both Amazon and GamesOnly apparently had documents displaying that the game is going to make an appearance on the platform but failed to mention any specifics about the release of GTA V.

Whilst the sources strongly suggest the game is going to be released for PC, Rockstar has remained tight-lipped on the subject with no confirmation on whether the game will appear on PC anytime soon.

The rumours have accelerated at a time when Rockstar have released another twelve shots showing more details about what users can expect from the game when it’s released on consoles in September.


Screenshots shows no limits for GTA V

In the latest shots, fans can see what sort of mischief they can get themselves into with all three characters – Michael, Franklin and Trevor being shown in a host of different vehicles and settings.

With GTA V set to take place in Los Santos, one of the cities in GTA: San Andreas, Rockstar are keen to show what can be achieved in the game whether it’s by foot, plane or on motorbike.

It seems that the game will retain many of the classic traits of its predecessor as the characters are seen taking care of daily business including carrying out drive-by shootings on rival gangs and planning robberies.

Aside from the classic bullet spraying antics that GTA brings with every new release, the images show that no frontier is left unexplored on GTA V as some of the characters shown flying planes over the coast and swimming underwater in scuba gear.

It also seems that GTA V is being influenced by its predecessor GTA: San Andreas by taking the game out of the city and incorporating some of the mountainous and desert landscapes that were found in the 2005 release.

As the console release date draws ever closer, the calls for a universal release on all platforms will certainly increase as many gaming fans call for GTA V on PC.


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