How Can I Make a Maki Roll in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley certainly tends to all the foodies out there with the massive catalog of cooking recipes it offers. Eating food items is essential if you want to make it through a hard day on the farm without fainting.

However, if you want to make food items, you’ll first have to unlock their recipes and have an upgraded house. A Maki Roll is affected by this categorization as well!

What is a Maki Roll?

What is a Maki Roll?
A Maki Roll

Maki Roll is a food item in Stardew Valley that the player can cook using their Kitchen. It can also sometimes be obtained from Krobus’s shop or the Stardrop Salon. Maki Rolls can be consumed, gifted, or used in Quests as well as Tailoring. 

A Maki Roll has a green-white sushi-like appearance and shows four rolls perched on top of one another in pairs of two. If consumed, a Maki Roll replenishes 100 Energy and 45 Health. Under the effect of Qi Seasoning, this is increased to 180 Energy and 81 Health.

This dish has a base sale price of 220g, which increases to 330g if you use Qi Seasoning while making it. A single Maki Roll can be used in the Chef’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board of the Community Center. It can also be used in tailoring to make a shirt. Maki Rolls are liked by most Villagers if presented as a gift, but there’s a good amount of variation in this. 

You can view more details about Villager’s reactions to being gifted Maki Rolls on the Stardew Valley Wiki.

How Do I Get the Recipe for Maki Roll?

The best source of obtaining the recipe for Maki Rolls is by watching “The Queen of Sauce” TV channel on the 21st of Summer in your year 1. This channel is featured on your Television on Sundays and Wednesdays and teaches you a new cooking recipe each week. If you’ve gone past year 1 already, don’t worry. 

You can view the channel on the 21st of Summer on any odd year, and the recipe will be re-broadcasted! This channel is also pretty useful to learn an assortment of cooking recipes in general so be sure to re-visit it every now and then to increase your cooking arsenal.

Another method of getting the recipe for a Maki Roll is by visiting Gus in the Stardrop Saloon. Gus sells random cooking recipes from time to time, and Maki Rolls can sometimes appear in his rotating stock. The recipe itself can be purchased for 300g.

How Can I Make a Maki Roll in Stardew Valley?

How Can I Make a Maki Roll in Stardew Valley?
Maki Roll in Kitchen Area

In order to make Maki Rolls, you’ll first have to obtain its recipe (mentioned above) and collect its necessary crafting ingredients. 

A single Maki Roll is crafted using any Fish, Seaweed, and Rice (1 each). You can quickly get a Fish by going Fishing outside your farm – on that front, here’s how you can catch a particular Dorado fish. You can get your hands on some Rice by either purchasing it from Pierre’s General Store and Joja Mart or making it yourself by using a Mill. I’d recommend purchasing it directly from one of the two stores if you don’t already have a Mill since making Rice that way would be a pretty long process!

Seaweed, on the other hand, can primarily be obtained from Fishing or Foraging on the Beach. You can catch Seaweed with any rod, so don’t worry about using a specific one.

Once you’ve obtained all the ingredients and the crafting recipe, go to your house’s kitchen area to make the Maki Roll. (Note that a kitchen is only available in an upgraded home. You won’t be able to make dishes if your house is not sufficiently upgraded. You can complete this requirement by asking Robin to increase your house’s tier.)

To do this, interact with the objects in your kitchen. A menu will appear showcasing all the different items you can cook. 

The recipes you haven’t learned yet will be faded out and their information will be unavailable. Since, at this point, you’ve unlocked the recipe for a Maki Roll, it’ll be available for cooking. Hover over its portrait and press it. The crafting ingredients will be used up and the dish will be cooked immediately!

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