Digital Deals for the New Year

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Tis the season to get games for really cheap, and even though it’s already the New Year there’s a ton of last minute deals that can net you great games for almost nothing.

Right off the bat we have to warn you, a lot of these deals aren’t going to last long.  The name of the day is flash sale, and it seems that the popular thing to do now is to toss up a massive discount for as little as a single day, so be wary that some of these deals may have already passed.  On the up side, this also means that there will likely be a ton of new deals coming to replace them as time marches on, so even if one specific sale is over by the time you read this another (potentially better) one might be there.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Let’s start with some sweet retro gaming. Good Old Games, or GOG is a site that specalizies in selling repackaged games of yesteryear.  Best of all they are DRM free, which means you can back them up and reinstall them without any hassle, and most of them are cleaned up to make installing them on modern system stupid easy.  Sadly, by the time you read this the 2013 Solitice Festivmas will likely be over, but that doesn’t mean the winter sales end.  Even now you can sign up with a new account and get 12 free games including Ultima IV, Ultima: The Savage Empire, and Ultima: Martian Dreams.  Be sure to drop in and see what goodness you can grab on the cheap.

Steam has been pumping out the daily deals like candy, and it’s hard to keep up.  As of this writing some newly released games are marked down between 30% to 80%, and a huge set of deals are rumored to hit sometime between December 19th and January 2nd.  There’s very little advice to offer but to check in every day and keep your eyes peeled, and Steam has been known to reward those who give unto others with bonuses such as Team Fortress hats and digital collectables.  Steam also has an extensive library of free to play games that make use of the Steam ecosystem, so if there’s nothing else you could always recruit a friend into your guild in Ragnarok for some online fun while you avoid your family.

Finally we have GamersGate, which has its own competing sales going on.  As of right now you can nab Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for a little over $10 bucks, and the Dungeon and Dragon’s Master Collection is only $4.99!  It includes Bladur’s Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Planescape Torment, and The Temple of Elemental Evil.  It won’t last long so you need to get on that deal right away.  Many of GamersGate’s deals directly compete with GOG and Steam, so it would behoove the thriftiest amongst you to compare all three before hitting the buy button.

Crusaders Pack
Crusaders Pack



Oh, and before we go, Amazon has started to get into the spirit of things and is offering deals of their own.  Some are downloaded directly from Amazon while others are registered and downloaded through services like Steam.Currently a huge collection of Paradox Grand Strategy Pack [Download] have gone up for $10, which would normally be $100 in total, and there are tons of other deals with just as much value!


So do yourself a favor and don’t spend the first few days of the New Year fist fighting mall shoppers; buy your friends a bunch of digital PC games on the cheap from the warm comfort of your home.  You could take the cash you saved and put it towards building your next console killing rig!

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