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Baseball is a hugely popular sport enjoyed by many people worldwide, with most of the fan base coming from the United States due to the sport’s American origins. Because of its massive following, baseball eventually expanded into video games, taking advantage of the gaming industry boom to promote the sport further.

Throughout the years, though, the sport has slowly lost its charm, evidenced by the dwindling numbers of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) yearly TV viewership. Although baseball is also intensely celebrated in countries like Canada and Iraq, this downward trend has impacted the sport’s video game landscape.

Because of baseball’s seemingly diminishing fame, we are no longer spoilt for choice regarding the number of baseball games available on the market. This is quite disheartening for dedicated PC players, especially when big baseball game franchises like Run-Batted-In Baseball (R.B.I. Baseball) have been discontinued indefinitely.

Not all is gloomy; there are still a few fun baseball games available for us to play on PC, especially when it comes to testing our virtual batting skills and pitching prowess against others online.

4 Baseball Games for PC Multiplayer

This list showcases the current PC baseball games that can be played online against others in 2022. If the chosen games seem familiar, it is because some of them have been featured as the best baseball games to play on PC!

Without further ado, here are the four (4) fantastic baseball games that support online play on PC:

Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3 (SMB3) is an excellent baseball game with a stellar run since its release in May 2020. Even though the game is already two (2) years old, fans of the game continue to laud it as the best baseball game to date,

Adopting a unique, cartoonish art style, SMB3’s robust features include unrestrictive customization options for in-game characters and teams and simple gameplay mechanics.

In terms of multiplayer, we can play almost every game mode online, with examples like the standard Exhibition mode, the exclusive Franchise mode, the particular Pennant Race, and Online Leagues, among others.

I have had a blast playing the game with my buddies during the weekends, some of whom joined me against the AI to create our team legacy in Franchise mode. Other times, it was just us messing around with a customized Online League for us to play competitively against each other.

SMB3 is funky, cute, and loony all at once, but offers robust gameplay for baseball enthusiasts to enjoy, deserving its spot amongst our top considerations. Super Mega Baseball 3 is priced at $44.99 on Steam, but we can get it for less during a sale if we’re lucky.

MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 (The Show 22) probably requires no introduction; the game is a highly-rated baseball game that continues to expand the franchise from its PlayStation-exclusive roots between 2006 and 2020.

The new game – launched in April 2022 – is now playable on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles (current and last generation)[and PC – see below], making it the franchise’s most successful endeavor yet. Boasting fully-licensed players and teams, such as Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels (he is the game’s cover athlete), The Show 22 is the perfect baseball simulation game for us to role-play as our favorite batters and pitchers!

Although The Show 22 is praised for its expansive single-player modes like Road to the Show and Franchise, multiplayer modes such as online Diamond Dynasty and Co-Op are also available for us to play with-and-against friends.

Regarding baseball realism and aesthetics, MLB The Show 22 beats its competition out of the water effortlessly. With the complete backing of its publishers – Sony Entertainment and the MLB – the developers, San Diego Studio, can utilize the latest technology to implement player animations and movements inside the game, resulting in gaming experiences closer to the real thing!

One problem, though: MLB The Show 22 is NOT officially released for PC. But don’t give up just yet; there is a way for us to play The Show 22 on our computers without needing to buy a new console, courtesy of Xbox Game Pass’ cloud gaming feature.

Xbox Game Pass (not PC Game Pass, they’re different!) has proven to be a promising video game subscription platform, so it might be worth signing up to play free AAA games like MLB The Show 22 for only $14.99 a month!

All-In-One Sports VR

Now, let’s venture into a different side of gaming: Virtual Reality (VR)! Due to the lack of PC baseball games in general, it is extremely difficult to find one that supports online multiplayer, apart from the previous two (2) entries mentioned above.

This is where All-In-One Sports VR comes into play. The game bundles different sports for us to participate in via VR, but our main focus is its entertaining baseball mini-game which is quite addictive and easy to pick up on.

When I’m playing alone, the baseball game is a simple time-waster for me to relax and unwind, enjoying some nice ball-pitching sessions to ‘bully’ the AI around – hey, it’s fun! If I want some added challenge, I would invite an online friend to join in on the action, each of us becoming the batter or pitcher while accumulating points against each other.

The baseball game is very easy to play; as a pitcher, we select different ‘balls’ for us to throw, tossing them at certain angles to beat the batter accordingly. Meanwhile, as a batter, we need to connect our hits against the oncoming throw, with a limited number of ‘flaming’ baseball bats to use to make our hits more powerful IF we connect our swings.

As I said, the game is straightforward, but it can still be an amusing experience to kill the time with a friend. Plus, we can always change the game to another sport whenever we want, which is a huge positive in my book!

All-In-One Sports VR is available on Steam for just $19.99 today.

MLB Home Run Derby VR

The final entry on this list is MLB Home Run Derby VR, another virtual reality baseball game that lets us play against other players online (multiplayer). The game is cross-platform, meaning players with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can join our gaming sessions at any time.

Unlike the other games specified earlier, we only play as a batter in Home Run Derby, putting our coordination skills and hitting power to the test. Ideally, we are expected to hit the ball as far as possible, with different points given depending on the distance of each hit.

As the game’s name suggests, we aim to snag as many home runs as possible, accumulating points towards achieving the highest in-game score. Because of the limited role that we play on the field – standing on the plate while waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball right at us – we only need to swing the controller during gameplay (no buttons to press or other movements to make), which is ridiculously easy to do!

That said, if the game seems TOO easy for our liking, we can up the ante by changing the difficulty level to ‘Pro’. In my experience, this is the better way to play the game, forcing me to focus more on the ball while keeping my mind tuned for the throw. It became a mental game by then!

Developed and published by MLB themselves, MLB Home Run Derby is an engaging baseball simulator that allows us to feel the pressure of being a real-life batter while also sharing the experience with others via online multiplayer.

For its relatively cheap price of $9.99, MLB Home Run Derby VR could be a great addition to our baseball games collection.


Although many incredible baseball games have been released, most are unavailable for PC. At the moment, these are the only computer baseball games that can be played with friends online. Hopefully, this will change in the future, with many of us hoping for an MLB The Show release on Steam.

With many games going the VR route now, it might just be possible, so don’t stop believing!

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