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OOTP 20: Baseball for PC – The Dashboard

OOTP 20 – Wow! The – in my humble opinion – best baseball game for PC gets close to being old enough to have beer in public. Seems I am getting old.

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In case you missed it, Out of the Park Baseball turned 20. Or better: XX. And it has matured with every year passing.

So should your get your hands on the latest release of the great OOTP PC baseball franchise?

Well, one of the most enjoyable new features of Out of the Park Baseball 20 is the ability to access all sorts of analytics.

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OOTP XX also cares for the statistician in you

Not only can you dive deep into details for every player from today and yesterday, you can also enjoy a highlight reel of their best moments.

OOTP 20: baseball for PC at its best

Players also get a great guide of the bigger picture of the institution of baseball, moving from season to season as players mature in their abilities and eventually hit their peak.

Their photos and their motion-capture animations realistically age over time while they’re on your roster, and this sense of realism extends to an eventual decline in their abilities, prompting the question of whether retirement is a good all.

Don’t worry, though – as one player fades away after a great career, another talented prospect is always coming up ready to give their all for the organization.

The Out of the Park 20 release date was May 2019, and players have been enjoying how easy it is to jump back and forth between major and minor league games in progress and the statistic screens.


Similar to a TV broadcast, games continue to be played in the background while you’re doing your research. Or, if you want to speed through a game or a season, you can adjust the settings so everyone hustles a little faster.

This game also provides the opportunity to create your own dream team by selecting favorite players from the past and present day in a random draft format.

Babe Ruth playing baseball on a PC near you

You may not be able to have Babe Ruth perpetually on your team but it could be exciting to see him show up as a rookie draft prospect and get a few good years out of him.

Along with the opportunity to watch great players interact, you can also see how they could have played on their original teams by fielding the exact lineup of games from the past, such as more than 100 World Series.

Any Out of the Park Baseball 20 review should mention that this is the perfect game for those who either want to experience baseball as a slice of history by seeing how each player performed, or for those who want to make their own custom changes.

dive into the world of baseball

All major and minor league rosters are included, all the way back to 1871, including the historic “Negro leagues“, independent leagues and international leagues.

Create your own fantasy baseball world

Is it time for new uniforms and logos? Have you always wanted to make modifications to a ballpark? Do you want to add your own rules to the game? You have the power to make any customizations.

OOTP XX lets you customize everything

During the games, you also have the ability to be in the dugout as a manager making play-by-play decisions to try to get a win. Or, you can put opposing teams together, sit back and watch what happens as the game unfolds.

Out of the Park also builds on the major and minor improvements included in Out of the Park 19, such as better-rendered details of how the stadiums look, along with better animations of specific player activities like pitching, running, and throwing.

OOTP XX: my favorite PC baseball game

The animation in 20 is even more realistic, and utilizes true motion capture.

This series of games consistently appeal to those who love the statistics of baseball, since you can keep track of every single detail over the course of their career, including salary.

But it also appeals to who simply love the game itself.

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