Are Parsnips Worth It
All You Need to Know About Parsnips in Stardew Valley
All You Need to Know About Parsnips in Stardew Valley

As soon as you first move into your stunning new abode in Stardew Valley, you’ll realize this game’s emphasis on farming. 

That’ll be shown to you as a small gift box containing some Parsnip Seeds perched on the side of your doorstep as soon as the game starts!

What Are Parsnips in Stardew Valley?

Parsnips are a vegetable crop you can grow in Stardew Valley. They’re the first crop you’ll be introduced to in the game, as they’re gifted to you as soon as you move in! Parsnips grow in the Spring and are unlocked to be purchased by default at the start of the game.

Parsnips take 4 days to fully grow and have 5 distinct appearances during a normal growth cycle – the last one showcasing the crop to be ready for harvest. The crop has a cream-ish-colored appearance with bright green leaves on the top.

You can grow Parsnips using Parsnip Seeds which can primarily be obtained from Pierre’s General Store. They follow the same growth procedures as all other crops – planting, watering, and harvesting.

You’ll receive 8 experience points each time you harvest a normal Parsnip. The base selling price of an ordinary parsnip is 35g. In the same context, it restores 25 Energy and 11 Health. 

The following table expands these stats for all qualities of Parsnips! 

Growth Cycle

Growth Cycles
Growth Cycles

Since Parsnips take 4 full days to be ready for harvest, this translates to 6 harvests per season that you can manage without using fertilizers and other external factors. 

Using the Speed-Gro and Deluxe Speed-Gro fertilizers, however, will increase the growth rates of Parsnips by 10% and 25%, respectively. This enables you to manage 9 harvests per season!

Lastly, using a Hyper Speed-Gro increases the growth rate by 35% – allowing you to get 13 harvests of Parsnips in a single season! You can combine these with the Agriculturist Profession to further increase your Parsnips’ growth!

You can view the crop’s different cycles of growth on the Stardew Valley Fandom.

(Parsnips are also affected by the Tiller Profession, which causes the base value of each crop to be increased by 10%)

Are Parsnips Worth it?

Are Parsnips Worth It
Are Parsnips Worth It

I’ve covered essential details about Parsnips, but are they even worth it? Although you can grow them quickly, Parsnips have nothing close to the best turnaround in the game.

They can be an excellent crop to work with during the super early game. Still, besides that, Parsnips aren’t worth it – considering an overall profit perspective. An optimal strategy is to use this crop only when you’re very low on coins and need a good source of money, fast!

Although, you can still use Parsnips for other reasons, such as gifting to increase Friendship, Bundles, Recipes, Questing, or Tailoring. I’ll now cover these uses for you!


Pam loves Parsnips – it sounds so lovely because it’s true!

Pam is the only villager that’ll love parsnips as a gift. On the other hand – Abigail, Haley, Jas, Sam, and Vincent dislike this item. All other villagers like the gift and react nicely towards it.

 None of the townsfolk hate or are neutral to receiving Parsnips as a gift.

Recipes & Bundles

You’ll need to get your hands on a couple of Parsnips if you want to make specific dishes or complete Bundles in the Community Center.

Specifically, a Parsnip can be used as a viable input in the Spring Crops Bundle of the Pantry. A gold variant of the crop can also be used in the Quality Crops Bundle within the same room.

In the case of cooking, you can use Parsnips in 2 Recipes – the Farmer’s Lunch and Parsnip Soup. The Farmer’s Lunch takes 1 Omelet and a Parsnip to craft. Upon consumption – it restores 200 Energy, Health worth 90 points, and provides a +3 Farming buff for 5 and a half minutes. It can also be sold for 150g.

On the other hand, Parsnip Soup requires 1 Parsnip, Milk, and Vinegar each to craft. Eating this will help you re-gain 85 Energy and 38 Health. This food item sells for 120g.

Tailoring & Quests

If you fancy some tailoring and want to make the Shirt and Belt item, you’ll need some Parsnips! The crop is utilized in the Sewing Machine’s Spool and can also be used to make a Yellow Dye.

Additionally, cultivating and harvesting 1 Parsnip is required to complete the “Getting Started” quest. (This is the first quest you’re assigned and can be viewed in your Journals tab)

Lastly, Parsnips can be randomly requested in the “Help Wanted” quests posted outside Pierre’s General Store. Completing this will reward you with 105g coins and 150 friendship points with the villager who requests them.

Should You Sell Parsnip Seeds in Stardew Valley?

As with the seeds of all other crops – no, don’t sell your Parsnip Seeds.

As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to sell the seeds of any crop. They have abysmal sale prices and would be much more profitable if you went ahead with planting and harvesting them.

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