Business Strategy Games for PC

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Everything I know about life I’ve learned from video games. Let’s look back at some actual and some rather ancient games OK, maybe that’s a little absolute, but as a longtime player I’ve learned to enjoy some of the subtle lessons included in many games. I’m not talking about memorizing the patterns and getting the timing jussst right when you … Read More

The Division 2 [PRIVATE BETA] played

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I was happy to get my eager hands on an invitation to the beta test of the new release in the Tom Clancy The Division Franchise. After downloading the game and a phase of randomly trying to find a fitting avatar (I was shortly tempted to stick to a “Wolverine” character), I was “welcomed” with a brilliantly done intro-video which … Read More


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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a follow up to Ubisoft’s 2016 smash hit The Division, that featured a devastated New York City brought to her knees by a deadly virus. TD2 is a multiplayer, third-person shooter featuring a post-pandemic Washington D.C. in ruins. If you’ve been waiting for the sequel to The Division, we’ve got fantastic news for you. The … Read More

Quake Champions Characters – The Complete List

A short classification of the characters in Quake Champions – Who is the best for your style of play in the Quake Arena? Q: What is Quake Champions?A: Quake Champions is a fast-paced first-person shooter (fps) game that is unique in its design and mechanics. Unlike realistic FPS titles, Quake requires a slightly different mentality from the player to win. … Read More

Best PC Games of 2017

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Top Best PC Games of 2017: Everything is falling apart. Nations, elections, celebrity deaths – it’s in this turbulent time that I look towards the game industry. It’s stable as a rock and it’s only getting bigger. Yes, this is escapism at its finest. Computer games are there for me to turn to at the end of a long day. … Read More