Renaissance Heroes Arrives On Steam

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Renaissance Heroes
Whilst Steam has become a platform for premium games to be downloaded or not, there has been an increasing amount of free to play games landing on the store in recent months.

The latest title to find its place on the directly is MMOFPS title Renaissance Heroes which is the brainchild of Changyou subsidiary studio GameFuse.

The idea behind Renaissance Heroes is that players take control of their own personal characters and face off against players in a host of different arenas based around Renaissance Europe in a bid to gain valuable artefacts for their country.

Many of the arenas, characters and weapons are based on historical stereotypes with players able to play as royal nobles or meagre peasants whilst attacking forces with swords, cannons and crossbows at their disposal.

To celebrate the launch of the game, there has been a host of new content released by the developers to entertain new and old players.

renaissance heroes

The additional content contains introduces new characters such as Spanish explorer Alphon, a new level based on a French chateau and introduced several new weapons including a three-point crossbow.

Aside from having the standard missions and quests that come with every online multiplayer game, there are also several modes designed specifically for online play including classic favourite such as team deathmatch and capture the flag.

With the platform moving to Steam, the developers are hoping that Renaissance Heroes will be able to expand its appeal to a much larger customer base. In the press release, GameFuse producer Matthew Lenehan said that “Steam is the premiere destination for PC gamers, and we feel these gamers are the perfect fit for Renaissance Heroes. We hope to increase the competitiveness and intenseness of our gameplay by bringing a mix of new players to our already established Renaissance Heroes community.”

It certainly won’t be easy for Renaissance Heroes to breakthrough into the mainstream with there already being a swathe of multiplayer action titles on Steam. But by focusing on a period where there is such a different range of settings and weapons to take advantage of, it could entice gamers to switch to Renaissance Heroes and enjoy a different way of beating the living daylights out of each other.

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