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Once you’ve experienced everything that the exploration life in Stardew Valley offers, you might be looking to settle down for good and start a family. Stardew Valley is a game that’s focused on story building and harmony, and as such, it’s not surprising that the game allows you to get married and even pregnant – at the right time!

What is the Pregnancy Dialogue in Stardew Valley?

Pregnancy Dialogue
Pregnancy Dialogue

The pregnancy dialogue is a special interaction you can have with your spouse in Stardew Valley. It happens only after you decide to have biological children. It features your spouse indicating that they’re pregnant and asking you about how wonderful the situation is.

You can have children with your significant other once if you maintain a 10-heart relationship with them. Additionally, you’ll need to have upgraded your house enough times (twice) to unlock the Nursery. Getting pregnant also requires you to have an active Crib placed inside your home.

If you meet all of the above conditions, each night when you go to bed, there’s a 5% chance for your spouse to ask if you two should have a baby. Depending on what you prefer, you can respond to them by either saying “yes or “not now.” 

This is another possible interaction in the game hinting toward pregnancy.

Furthermore, while your spouse is pregnant, you can sometimes interact with them and come across another pregnancy dialogue. This features your spouse excitedly telling you about them being pregnant and how wonderful the entire situation is.

What Happens If You Say No to Having A Baby?

Stardew Valley Pregnancy Dialogue
Stardew Valley Pregnancy Dialogue

Responding to this question with “not now” results in your spouse accepting your answer, and the game proceeds into the next day as it usually would.

As long as the previously mentioned requirements of having children are met, your spouse will always have a 5% chance of asking whether you’d like to have children each time you go to sleep. This is unaffected by your answer, so even if you respond by saying no – there will still be a 5% probability for this interaction to occur each night.

What Happens If You Say Yes to Having A Baby?

If you respond affirmatively to this interaction of having children, the game will proceed as it normally would. After 14 days, however, you’ll be shown a message box in the night explaining that your baby has been born! (or adopted depending upon your situation)

When you wake up, your baby will be resting in the crib placed in the house’s Nursery!

Does Your Child Grow Up?

Child in Crib
Child in Crib

Your children have 4 stages of growth they will follow. The first stage lasts 14 days, during which the child rests in the crib with their eyes closed and essentially sleeps all the time.

The second phase, similar to the first one, lasts 14 days. During this, the child stands up in their crib and can be interacted with. They still, however, cannot leave this crib. In the third stage, the child starts crawling and can move around in your house during the daytime. This growth stage lasts for 28 days – a whole season.

The last and final growth stage of a child is the toddler phase. Once a child becomes a toddler, they’ll be able to move around in your house. Additionally, they’ll leave the crib and now start sleeping in one of the beds present in your Nursery.

How Many Babies Can You Have?

If you thought you could have as many babies as you want – I have some disappointing news for you.

Stardew Valley allows you to have a maximum of 2 babies per save file. Once you’ve had both of them, the dialogue for having children will never appear again unless you remove the children from your game.

Furthermore, both of your babies will always be of opposite genders. When the first child is born, there’s a random chance for it to be a boy or a girl. In the case of the second child, however, the gender will always be the opposite of what the first child was.

Can You Stop A Pregnancy in Stardew Valley?

You can’t, technically, stop a pregnancy in the game. Once you’ve agreed to have a baby with your spouse, the child will always be born after 14 days.

Although, you can “remove” the child from your game. This can be done through the Dark Shrine of Selfishness found in the Witch’s Hut. This is a late-game interaction that allows you to essentially remove your children from your life. 

If you offer a Prismatic Shard to this shrine, it automatically turns your children into doves, removing them from your game file permanently. Note that once you remove children through this process, they can’t be brought back. You can, however, have more children with your spouse!

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