Sunfish Caught

Even though fishing is mainly overlooked by players in Stardew Valley, except for perfectionists, it still is an integral part of the game. In some cases, fishing becomes necessary to advance further into quest lines, make recipes, and finish bundles! 

There are hundreds of fish in Stardew Valley – each with its characteristics and uses. Today, I’ll focus on Sunfish in particular and everything there is to know about them!

Where Do You Find Sunfish?

Fishing in Pelican Town

In Stardew Valley, Sunfish can commonly be found in the Pelican Town river and Cindersap Forest. They can only be caught in sunny weather during Spring and Summer. Magic Bait can be used to defy seasonal and weather requirements. 

As I’ve explained, Sunfish can only be caught during specific seasons and areas of the map. To get your hands on a Sunfish, you’ll first have to ensure that the current in-game season is either Summer or Spring. 

Additionally, Sunfish can only be caught in sunny weather in the river situated at the bottom of Pelican Town and the Cindersap Forest. Lastly, the fish only spawns between 6 am – 7 pm, so you’ll need to ensure that you time your fishing activities accordingly. 


There are some additional methods of catching Sunfish, although these are exceptions. You can catch the fish on your farm if you select the Forest, Hill-top, or Riverlands as your starter farms. Additionally, Sunfish can be purchased as a random offering from the Traveling Cart and scavenged from Garbage Cans during the fish’s season – although these are rare. 

How Do You Catch a Sunfish?

Sunfish Caught

Once you’ve taken care of all the requirements mentioned above and selected the right area – you can move on to the actual fishing bit. Catching a Sunfish is the same as any other fish – throw your rod into the water and wait for a bite. Once you hook one in, you’ll have to play the fishing minigame and ensure that you reel the fish in. You can use bait to increase your chances of hooking a fish onto your rod and tackles to make the minigame easier for yourself.

You’ll have to repeat this process until you’re finally able to hook a Sunfish – which is generally straightforward. The fish has a difficulty level of 30, which is on the lower side, considering the widespread species present in the game. It’s safe to say you won’t have to work yourself up over catching one of these!

Is Sunfish Rare in Stardew Valley?

Not exactly. Although it’s not the most common one in the game – you can generally find plenty of these if you search enough. You can get your hands on a Sunfish without even trying to! I’ve found that they’re familiar enough that you can reel one in when randomly fishing in a waterbody in your journey throughout the game. I’ve caught dozens of them myself while trying to see other rarer fish species

What Can Sunfish Be Used for?

Sunfish in Player Inventory

Sunfish have several uses in-game, the most obvious ones being selling them or eating one up to restore your health and energy. There are, however, more important things for which they can be used. You can find a complete rundown of sale prices and energy/health trends for different qualities of Sunfish on the official Stardew Valley Wiki.

Gifting & Bundles

You may choose to gift the fish to any of the Villagers in Stardew Valley. However, it generally isn’t considered a very welcoming gift, so it won’t help you rake up those friendship points anytime soon! The following table features villagers’ sentiments about receiving Sunfish as a gift.

NeutralWilly, Elliott, Leo, Pam, Sebastian, Linus, Demetrius
DislikeWizard, Shane, Vincent, Abigail, Alex, Caroline, Robin, Sam, Sandy, Clint, Dwarf, Emily, George, Harvey, Gus, Maru, Marnie, Lewis, Penny, Jas, Jodi, Kent, Leah, Krobus
HateHayley, Pierre, Evelyn

Additionally, you can also use Sunfish as a valid input in the River Fish bundle of the Fish Tank room. This can be found in the Community Center of Pelican Town.

Recipes & Tailoring

Sunfish can be utilized in four different crafting recipes. Namely – Baked Fish, Maki Rolls, Quality Fertilizers, and Sashimi can be produced from the fish. All of these require one Sunfish each (apart from other ingredients) to create. Another use for the Sunfish is in tailoring, where it can be used in the Sewing Machine to create a Fish Shirt. Lastly, you may also use it to create Orange Dye at Emily and Hayley’s house. 

Fishponds & Questing

Your final options for utilizing Sunfish include placing them in a Fish Pond or using them up in Quests. If you decide to go for the former option, the Sunfish placed inside the pond will reproduce every day and produce Roe that you can collect. Once the pond’s population reaches 10, the Sunfish will have an 8% chance to create Solar Essence instead of the regular Roe. 

For the second case – you can utilize your freshly caught Sunfish in three different types of quests. Firstly, the item may randomly be requested during the Spring or Summer seasons in the Help Wanted quests posted outside Pierres General Store. 

Secondly, a more specific Help Wanted request may be made by Willy or Demetrius, according to which you’ll have to catch anywhere between 1 to 4 Sunfish and deliver it to them. You get to keep the fish after the chosen character has examined them, so win-win!

Finally, Demetrius can sometimes place a request on the Special Orders bulletin situated outside Mayor Lewis’s house. This quest is only available in Spring and requires you to catch a total of 10 Sunfish!

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