A PS5 controller standing against a PS5 console.

As PC gamers, we get to enjoy many of our favorite games using a variety of different gaming peripherals, such as a crisp, mechanical keyboard. But, which ones support the use of a PS5 DualSense controller too?

In 2023, many PC games support the use of a PS5 DualSense controller, with the more famous ones being:

  • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
  • Etc.

Many other titles make use of the PS5 controller’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback features, but not all PC games do. It varies between each game, with the DualSense controller mostly playable with many triple-A (AAA) games out there, instead of indie releases.

However, with a PS5 controller, we can now beat certain PC games that are harder to play using a mouse and keyboard, like Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not only that, the overall experience is much more fun and exciting, most notably while playing hack-and-slash, action games on the computer.

A PS5 joystick helps us compete better in multiplayer baseball games as well, among other sports games on the market. Being a FIFA enthusiast, I can say from experience that a premium gamepad plays a huge role in getting us those online wins!

Does a PS5 Controller Work on PC?

Although the DualSense controller’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback aren’t supported by specific PC games, is the PS5 joystick still usable for normal PC gaming, in general?

Yes, a PS5 controller (a.k.a. DualSense controller) works just like any other gamepad on a PC. By now, it’s safe to assume that almost every game can be played using a DualSense controller (the computer identifies it as a normal gaming joystick), but only selected ones support the PS5 gamepad’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback capabilities.

Still, this is great news for gamers who own both video game machines (PC and PS5). We can use the same gamepads for gaming on both systems, and this makes it easier to play with our family and friends if we have more DualSense controllers at home, especially when playing cross-platform releases like Diablo 4.

Here’s IGN’s preview of the DualSense controller’s PC gaming compatibility:

This exposes the limitations that the PC’s standard mouse-and-keyboard setup suffers from; it restricts gamers like us to play games locally on our own (not talking about online, multiplayer here) unless we own other gaming peripherals too. 

Gamepads like the PS5 DualSense joystick lets left-handed gamers play PC games on a leveled playing field with everyone else. This is especially true since many device configurations favor right-handed layouts more due to the common majority of the player base, making it an added challenge for lefties to play competitively against others.

Can I Connect a PS5 Controller to a PC Wirelessly?

The PS5 DualSense controller is commonly used wirelessly when playing games on the PS5. When connected to a PC, can it still function wirelessly too?

Yes, the PS5 controller can still be connected wirelessly to a PC via Bluetooth. This is just one of 3 different ways to connect a DualSense gamepad to a computer, as shared by Iron Point Tech here:

Wireless gamepads are a good way to reduce clutter on a gaming desk, minimizing the use of wires all over the table. The same can be said for playing PS Vita games via remote play on the computer, using an emulator to run them while also being connected through Bluetooth.

Theoretically, the DualSense controller can be used to play Xbox games on a PC as well, seeing that Xbox games are unplayable without a functioning gamepad. This exclusively applies to Xbox’s PC Game Pass subscribers, proving that the PS5 joystick works universally well across multiple different platforms.

Will the PS5 DualSense Features Work on PC?

The PS5 DualSense gamepad is more than just a regular gaming controller. It has tons of cool features and utility that make it one of the best video game controllers to date.

However, do these extra properties work when the controller is paired to a gaming PC?

Even though the PS5 controller’s added features work with specific programs and games that support them, they don’t normally function when connected to the PC. These extras include:

  • Haptic feedback
  • Adaptive triggers
  • Built-in microphone
  • Integrated speaker
  • Motion sensors

When paired to a PC, either using a USB Type-C cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth, the computer will generally recognize the PS5 DualSense controller as a generic gaming joystick. This means that the PS5 gamepad can be used for playing PC games normally, just like any other PC gaming controller.

Only the DualSense’s added features mentioned earlier are disabled. At least, until the corresponding program (Steam, etc.) or game that supports it is being run on the computer. For the most part, we can still benefit from slight aim assist when playing first-person shooters (FPS) like Battlefield 2042.

When it comes to the gamepad’s ‘rumble’ effect, though, it ties closely to the PS5 controller’s haptic feedback add-on, so results might differ between different games. We just have to try it for ourselves to find out which one works, and which one doesn’t.

Do I Need Software to Play PC Games Using a PS5 Controller?

Some gamepads require software downloads to ensure that they work properly on a computer. Does the PS5 controller require software to be used for PC gaming as well?

No, the PS5 DualSense gamepad doesn’t require any software download to be used for playing games on the computer. However, certain software is needed if we want to use it for other purposes, like masking the PS5 controller as an Xbox joystick instead.

When a PS5 controller is connected/ paired to a PC, the computer automatically detects its drivers and configurations. Any mainstream computer does this, not just gaming PCs that we use for playing video games.

We can even use the DualSense controller to play Xbox games on PC, but we’ll need third-party programs, like DS4Windows, to make the games recognize the PS5 gamepad as an Xbox controller. For common gamers without the proper know-how, it might be best for us to stick to the usual plug-and-play setups instead.

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