write for PCPlayerHub - the guide

Dear writer, glad to work with you.

I want you to write as (if you were) a staff writer. Write as if your name and image was (actually if you want it’s possible) under the published article.

I want your personal perspective, voice, take, experience. What would you want to read? What makes this the best article on the internet?

We use NO keywords on purpose

Pls, no keyword stuffing: We write about a topic and do the best we can to cover the full topic to create the best article on THAT topic for the google searcher and reader. Write for humans, not Google. Use words you would normally use. By that you cover also all the alternative expressions people could search for.

Use the keyphrase(s) I give you. I do no SEO!

I may have given you a kind of script for the text, with <h1> and <h2> and perhaps <h3> structure.

Pls use these as headlines (omit the <h1/h2/h3>) and write a chpater about all of these sub-topics. Thats all the SEO I do.

Write for humans, not Google

Write as you wrote in highschool/college etc., write for humans. Google is so clever today to extract the keywords all by itself.

Only place to insert (the) keyphrase(s) (if they are humanly readable, otherwise change them pls) is in one of the many headlines I ask you to use (H2 & H3 & H4)

Add outbound links

Pls add 3 to 7 outbound links (ie. sources you found).

No fluff

No fluffy introduction or wordy conclusion: Pls write personal, but if all is said with 500 words, we go on to the next article instead of filling up.

So rule #1: No fluff: Everything, word and sentence must have a purpose and contribute to the topic.

Pls include(when applicable):

  • list of the (best, fitting …) games (pls include link to image),
  • interesting facts,
  • statistics,
  • prices/costs,
  • history,
  • pros/cons,
  • alternatives,
  • definitions, and/or
  • quotes

all in an effort to bolster and enhance the article. This is in addition to covering the main topic.


If it’s a product round up or gallery, I ask you to include a URL to that product on the merchant site. My VA’s deal with image formatting and optimization.

I also require you that if you include an image from another site that you have written permission to do so (and I need that permission, too).

Games often have media or press kits, which are published for reusage. Google for it. Please always include the link to the image source (website has a plugin for image sources archivation for later legal issues).

If you include a screenshot (thank you!) or video of your screen pls add a written permission that I may use it permanently. Otherwise I cannot accept it.

If you have an idea for creating a video of you playing the game pls tell me.

I may not know what the keyword means. So pls contact me if it is either inappropriate or I misunderstood it somehow (does not belong to my site). Perhaps the “game” is not playable on PC, only on Android. Pls contact me!

Also pls contact me anytime if you have ideas wbout how to “play” the keyword even better…

Formatting: Please include many headings and use proper heading formatting (h2, h3, etc.).

Short paragraphs: I require short paragraphs; not walls of text.

Aiming for the Google Snippet

Write the 3rd paragraph as a very concise, Wikipedia-style answer to the search question we are working on (ourt headline). The sentence/paragraph before you “tee-up” to this “answer snippet”, by writing something leading to this answer-paragraph … ie. “I always wondered how x happens, so I looked it up:”

If you have any question, pls just contact us!

worth reading/watching


image sources