Why Do PC Games Look Bad on TV

There are many differences between PC games and console games. Technological developments, number of games, equipment… The list is very long. But in practice, there’s one fundamental difference that directly affects the gaming habits of the two groups, and that’s the screens used.

PC gamers usually prefer gaming monitors, while console gamers use TVs. When these two screens are used interchangeably, it doesn’t always lead to good results.

It’s normal for PC games to look bad on some televisions. This is because the default settings of TVs don’t come close to the level of PC games in terms of refresh rate, brightness, or resolution.

Why does my PC look so bad on my TV?

There are hundreds of reasons why PC games look bad on some TVs. However, if you can’t see a game that looks great on your gaming monitor at the same quality when you connect it to the TV, you can consider the following reasons:

  • Refresh Rate: Almost all modern gaming monitors have a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz. For televisions, the industry standard is still 60 Hz. In other words: If you connect a game from a PC with 120 or more FPS to a 60Hz TV, you may notice severe slowdown and blur in the game.
  • Resolution: Plugging a game you’re playing in 1080p on your computer into a TV with 4K resolution isn’t a good idea. That’s because if your computer isn’t powerful enough to deliver that resolution, it’ll have to upscale 1080p to 4K. That means bigger pixels and, thus, a weird look.
  • Color Settings: The default color settings on most televisions are bad. Therefore, your game that looks great on PC may look weird on TV. To prevent this, you should make adjustments such as contrast, brightness, black levels, tint, and backlight.

You should be clear about why you want to play PC games on TV. Most of the time, a bigger screen brings less performance. The main reason console games run smoothly on TVs is that they usually run at 120 Hz or less.

Why is a TV bad for PC gaming?

If you can rule out the above problems, there’s no reason why TVs should be bad for playing PC games. The important thing is that you have a computer powerful enough to run a high-resolution TV.

GPUs perceive televisions as any display, just like gaming monitors. Therefore, it can’t be particularly responsive to it. If you want to connect your computer to a TV with 4K resolution TV, you should select an appropriate resolution in the display settings. Otherwise, your PC games will appear blurry on the TV.

Of course, this only applies to single-player games. There’s no logical reason (except perhaps for racing games) to play a competitive game on a large television screen. The industry standard for games with esports leagues is still 24 inches. In a few years, it’ll be 27 inches at most.

Although the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are great consoles, PC technology will always be a step ahead of consoles. Without forgetting, if you have a system that can handle the highest graphics, you can experiment on the TV.

The video below shows you the God of War comparison for PS5 and PC.

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