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World Domination. No less. In planning phase. At least the PC World. In closing to hire Pinkie & The Brain as CEOs

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Daniel Papcke | Founding Editor | GamerTag: Dan Leon Cooper

Dan waiting for Battlefield 4 PC
Dan waiting for Battlefield 4 PC

PC Gamer Hub Questionnaire:

1.What’s your favorite game of all time?

I would say that would either Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty MW2 – last one especially for the amazing Hans Zimmer soundtrack – the other one I need to mention here is Wing Commander

2. What’s your favorite indie game?

The Wing Commander PC version (2013)

3. What’s your star sign?


4. AMD or Intel?


5. Favorite color?

Indigo Blue

6. Movie you wish they’d turn into a game?

Star Trek (a “decent” game!)

7. Movie you wish they’d never turned into a game?

Star Trek

8. One word to describe you?