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Basketball Management Games for PC

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Can’t get enough of basketball? Join the club! According to the World Atlas, basketball is the 7th most popular game in the world with an estimated 825 million fans. By comparison, baseball has 500 million fans, and football has a whopping … Read More

The Best Sports Games for PC 2019

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· Reading Time: 8 minutes

Sports game franchises come and go. Some of the biggest titles on the planet continue to innovate, and while there are a lot of mobile games that give a bit of fun during your downtime, it can be hard to … Read More

Games Like Dwarf Fortress

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You are here. So: Can losing be fun? Or why would you search for Games like Dwarf Fortress? Because fans of Dwarf Fortress seem to think so…? Ask fans of Dwarf Fortress, the famously-hard online game where you lead a small … Read More

Out of the Park Baseball OOTP20/XX

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· Reading Time: 4 minutes

OOTP 20 – Wow! The – in my humble opinion – best baseball game for PC gets close to being old enough to have beer in public. Seems I am getting old. In case you missed it, Out of the … Read More

Best PC Games 2018 – A Review

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· Reading Time: 10 minutes

Because it’s never too late for a late gaming review. Okay, I dropped the ball in 2018. Too many life and work commitments derailed my best PC games article review last year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get around to starting the … Read More

My favorite Strategy Games for PC

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· Reading Time: 12 minutes

Strategy games are more than a portal to another world. They’re a place where you can play hero, savior, and master of the universe. Hours of gameplay lets you rule over everything in the virtual world, and you can do … Read More

Stardew Valley – Our Review and First Steps

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· Reading Time: 9 minutes

Stardew Valley – your new life – is at its core basically a farming simulator game. And with this little review and guide, we will make you feel at home in on your new farm pretty quickly. So dive in … Read More

Cheat Codes In GTA V For PC

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· Reading Time: 12 minutes

GTA V is one of those open-world sandbox games, which drops you in a vast, living and breathing world to do pretty much anything you can imagine. The only teeny, tiny problem? You need resources – lots of them, such … Read More

[IN PROGRESS] How to build your own cheap gaming PC on a budget of 200

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· Reading Time: 17 minutes

It’s about bloody time to build myself a new gaming PC…On a budget! Want to know a secret? In the last few years, with all my friends playing only on XBOX, I used my PC for office stuff. Yes. Tedious, … Read More

Best Free PC Games That You Can Play Right Now

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While some games will set you back somewhere between $5 and 60$ or more depending on the title, there are many games that you can download and play completely free of charge and in this article we will be showing … Read More

Our PCPlayer Hub Mission Statement

Hello and Welcome to PCPlayerHub.

We are huge fans of playing video games on our PCs, and though we do own XBOXs, Playstations and high-end smartphones with gaming apps, we strongly believe that PC gaming is the way to go

– and will be.

HQ for the classy PC gamer

We intend to be The HQ for the Classical PC Gamers – who don’t cheat, love a good strategy and Fight against the AI as much as a fierce battle with our squad of friends on a huge multiplayer battlefield, but we would never cheat others out of their fun –

Just to feel superior.

We have a life next to gaming

Those who do – use for example aim bots to hit any opponent at all – are probably sitting alone in mommy’s basement and have daddy issues …

We care for and are people who have a life next to gaming – as normal people all do.

The Division: Cheaters vs. Real Gamers

We see a division between the many cheaters and the classy gamers, who want to have fun while fighting, but who don’t live in front of their PC’s.

Are you one of us?

Our way here

We used to be guilty of

Wing Commander Addiction

We can remember running Wing Commander (Dan’s favorite “classical” game) on our P90s in the 90s.

We played hours – weeks – of Command & Conquer on our PCs, started the first LANs with friends sitting in our living room and had hours on hours of fun.

Age of Empires binge playing

Same with Age of Empires (thanks Boris – being Dan’s guest (read Oktoberfest) it was not exactly nice of you to kick his ass all the time with your superior building skills – He is still wondering how you cheated 🙂 – just joking).

So PCPlayerHub is there for those who believe like we do that PC Gaming is simply the best there is. We are the Gentle/wo/man gamers -we have high standards and code of conduct.

And looking at the next gen of gaming consoles – they are basically – PCs. So in our opinion the console wars have ended before they even began.

Be classy – Game Responsibly

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