Hello and Welcome to PCPlayerHub.

We are huge fans of playing video games on our PCs, and though we do own Xbox, PlayStation and high-end smartphones with gaming apps, we strongly believe that PC gaming is the way to go

– and will be.

HQ for the classy PC gamer

We intend to be The HQ for the Classical PC Gamers – who don’t cheat, love a good strategy and Fight against the AI as much as a fierce battle with our squad of friends on a huge multiplayer battlefield, but we would never cheat others out of their fun –

Just to feel superior.

We have a life next to gaming

Those who do – use for example aim bots to hit any opponent at all – are probably sitting alone in mommy’s basement and have daddy issues …

We care for and are people who have a life next to gaming – as normal people all do.

The Division: Cheaters vs. Real Gamers

We see a division between the many cheaters and the classy gamers, who want to have fun while fighting, but who don’t live in front of their PC’s.

Are you one of us?

Our way here

We used to be guilty of

Wing Commander Addiction

We can remember running Wing Commander (Dan’s favorite “classical” game) on our P90s in the 90s.

We played hours – weeks – of Command & Conquer on our PCs, started the first LANs with friends sitting in our living room and had hours on hours of fun.

Age of Empires binge playing

Same with Age of Empires (thanks Boris – being Dan’s guest (read Oktoberfest) it was not exactly nice of you to kick his ass all the time with your superior building skills – He is still wondering how you cheated :) – just joking).

So PCPlayerHub is there for those who believe like we do that PC Gaming is simply the best there is. We are the Gentle/wo/man gamers -we have high standards and code of conduct.

And looking at the next gen of gaming consoles – they are basically – PCs. So in our opinion the console wars have ended before they even began.

Be classy – Game Responsibly

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