Can a Used PC Game Contain Viruses

Recently I was browsing through some online forums when I came across the question of whether or not a used PC game could have viruses or not. While it, admittedly, is something I have never encountered, it did get me thinking as to whether or not it is even possible.

The short answer is no, a used PC game cannot have any viruses if you purchased on an original disc. Additionally, steam verifies all of its game files to ensure there are no viruses.

Essentially it is impossible to add any files to a retail disc. They are safe. However, if you bought the used game on a ‘burn’ disc, you may not be in the clear as literally anything could be on it.

As for steam, while it is theoretically possible that a game developer could add malicious code to the game’s files, it remains incredibly unlikely for that to happen. No virus has ever been distributed through steam as far as I know. 

Long story short; if you bought the game through non-nefarious means, you are almost sure never to have this problem. If you procure your games through other means. . . this may be something you have to deal with.

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