Does PC Game Pass Work On Mac

We all know that Xbox’s PC Game Pass works on PC, but what about all those Apple users? While most people own a PC over a Mac, there are still a good number of Mac gamers out there. Most PC games can be played on Mac if you have Windows or an emulator, so it’s worth giving Mac access to the PC Game Pass library.

So, does PC Game Pass actually support Mac? On the official website, Xbox offers Game Pass subscriptions for Ultimate, Console, and PC – the PC Game Pass is stated to only work on PC. There are no mentions of Mac devices, so we decided to scour the internet for some answers.

Does PC Game Pass Work On Mac?

The PC Game Pass does not work on Mac. It’s specifically made for Windows PC and doesn’t support Mac devices. However, you can still access the Game Pass library on Mac through Xbox Cloud Gaming. In June 2021, Xbox released a statement announcing the expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming to other devices – including Mac.

While this announcement didn’t affect PC Game Pass holders, it did affect the Ultimate Game Pass. The Ultimate Game Pass gives you access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which lets you play your Game Pass games across multiple devices – such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Smart TVs. All you need to do is use your browser.

How to get Game Pass On Mac

Getting Game Pass on Mac is quite easy to do. Before attempting this, you should ensure your device is compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Your Mac should be running iOS 14 or higher, have Safari (or another suitable browser) and be connected to an Xbox controller. Once you’ve met all these conditions, you’re ready for the Game Pass.

First of all, you have to subscribe to the Ultimate Game Pass to get access to Cloud Gaming. Go on the Cloud Gaming website and click ‘join now. Scroll down a bit and select the ‘join now for $1’ button – you’ll have to sign into your Xbox account if you haven’t already.

Once you’ve purchased the Ultimate Game Pass, you must go to the Cloud Gaming library using Safari and select the game you wish to play.

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