Can You Sell Used PC Games

As the production costs of games increase, the retail prices increase at the same rate. As gamers worldwide are affected by this, they are buying used games or looking to sell what they already have to make money.

Used PC games can be resold depending on their condition. Unfortunately, while there is no problem with single-player games, online PC games are unsuitable for second-hand sales.

The release date of the game you want to sell is also significant. For example, if you sell a game from the 90s and earlier and the CD is in good condition, you should have no problems. However, for games released in the 2000s and later, security measures such as CD keys and online codes come into play. As a result, sales may become impossible.

Can I Resell PC Games

If you are considering selling your old games, you should know a few things. First, PC games are often worth less than console games, because these games are not part of a collector’s console like Playstation or NES. It still matters what game it is, but prices remain low on the PC side.

Secondly, you cannot sell online games (World of Warcraft). All these games have codes that can only be used once/are linked to an account. As you use the code or key, the person who bought it cannot use it. Finally, you may only sell physical and original copies of single-player games (Half-Life).

Third, and most importantly, you can not sell games you bought on modern platforms linked to your account. Games you buy on Steam, Epic Games Store, or Uplay are connected to your account. You can not unlink them from your account and sell them.

Where Can I Sell Used PC Games

You can have two reasons to sell old games. Either you want to make money by selling the games you no longer use, or you are trying to make a profit by buying and selling them. Both are difficult to achieve, and there are some marketplaces where these offers are collected.

Platforms where you can sell your old games: 

  • Craigslist
  • Decluttr
  • SecondSpin
  • The Old School Game Vault
  • DK Oldies
  • Gameflip
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • PlayerUP.

All the rules for second-hand sales apply to selling computer games, too. Always talk to reliable buyers, pay in advance or use an intermediary.

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