Villagers lined up and ready for the Flower Dance

Festivals and in-game events are, in my opinion, the most crucial aspect of your Stardew Valley journey. You will not have a significant experience if you focus solely on the best farming strategies and rush through.

To enjoy Stardew Valley, you must play through many of the exciting festivals the game offers. The Flower Dance happens to be one such event! 

What Is the Flower Dance?

Letter in the mail received one day before the Flower Dance

The Flower Dance is an in-game Festival in Stardew Valley that occurs on the 24 of each Spring season. It features different NPCs gathered in a small, grassy area. 

Everyone is dressed for the occasion, and the primary purpose is to share a small dance!

You will receive a letter in your mail before the event, outlining essential details regarding it. The Festival will go ahead regardless of whether you open this or not. 

During the event, you can choose to dance with any of the ‘single’ Villagers in the game. However, Villagers will simply decline your request unless you have at least 4-hearts worth of friendship with them. Dancing with someone will also increase your friendship level with them by 1 heart.

Should you choose to explore, you can also share some event-exclusive dialogue with the Villagers. It is always nice to learn new stuff about characters, so exhaust all dialogue options before going ahead with the event!

Additionally, you can get to see some unique interactions with certain characters if you have a high enough Friendship Level with them. For example, if you ask your ex (in case you have one) to dance with you, they will become furious and refuse!

Where Is The Flower Dance in Stardew Valley?

The Flower Dance occurs in the Cindersap Forest. Entering this area between 9 am – 2 pm on the 24th of Spring triggers the event. The dance takes place in the restricted area across the bridge, south of the Wizard’s Tower. 

The exact location for the Flower Dance is outside the bounds of your normal map. It takes place across the bridge in the Cindersap Forest’s far-left corner. You can easily find this by moving south from the Wizard’s Tower.

Even though the location of the dance is across the bridge from Rasmodius’s tower – the event is triggered as soon as you enter the forest. You will immediately be teleported to the area once you enter the forest. 

It is interesting to note that the area where the dance occurs is inaccessible under normal circumstances. You will only be able to explore this region during the event. Once the Flower Dance is over, you will be teleported back to your farm, and the area will become inaccessible again.

At the festival location, Pierre will set up shop, selling Flowers, Recipes, a Rarecrow, and other items. I recommend purchasing the Rarecrow so you can employ it in some of the best farming layouts for you.

Once you are done exploring, go talk to Mayor Lewis to let the dance begin!

On a side note, all homes and shops in Stardew Valley will also be closed in anticipation of the Flower Dance. As such, make sure to complete any errands you may have beforehand to avoid any inconveniences. Seems like everyone takes this Festival pretty seriously!

How Can You Find a Partner for the Dance?

Villagers lined up and ready for the Flower Dance

Well, it is pretty straightforward. You can choose to dance with any of the bachelors or bachelorettes in the game as long as you have a 4-heart friendship level with them. You can view the complete list of these characters on the official Stardew Valley Wiki! 

It is actually relatively easy to rake up enough friendship points with characters to dance with them. In fact, although this is a stretch, it is possible for you to get a 4-heart friendship level with all the ‘single’ characters within your first in-game year!

To simplify it, the easiest way to increase your friendship with a character is to give them gifts they love. Keep doing this until you reach their required friendship level, and you will be all set! This post outlines methods of increasing your friendship with Villagers in more depth!

If you do not opt for a dance partner, your character stands as a spectator, watching other Villagers dance. The pairs for the dancing Villagers are pre-determined. The table below showcases each of these.


Once you choose to dance with any of these villagers, you will swap in with their partner. In that case, the partner can be seen standing next to Pierre and Caroline at the bottom of the screen! 

Now that you know everything about the Flower Dance, why not check out the mysterious Crystal Puzzle in Stardew Valley!

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