When will MLB the Show come to PC?

Many of us are wondering when is MLB The Show coming to PC. Considering that the franchise had already branched out to Xbox (MLB The Show 21) and Nintendo Switch (MLB The Show 22), it’s safe to assume that the developers have already taken steps to port the series to PC as well. Still, it might take a little bit more time for that to happen.

Porting games like MLB The Show to other video game platforms requires a lot of R&D and development resources by the developers, San Diego Studio. Since the franchise has already expanded to Xbox and Nintendo Switch, it might take a while before they can safely support ports to other gaming platforms like PC too.

However, we shouldn’t stop believing just yet! New generation sports games like NBA 2K23 and FIFA 23 are already out on many different gaming consoles to maximize sales revenue and increase their consumer base.

Furthermore, the cross-play feature between different platforms is also gaining traction, providing food for thought for both San Diego Studio and the publisher, Sony Entertainment to consider expanding the franchise to other platforms as well.

We might not find MLB The Show 22 on PC stores like Steam and Origin right now, but that could change starting from next year onwards. For the time being, Xbox App’s Cloud Gaming should be enough for us to play MLB The Show 21 on PC every day, so consider subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate today.

When will MLB The Show come to PC?

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