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If you’re reading this, you have far, far too much disposable income. You’ve typed in “best gaming chair” on Google, Sir: Have you considered giving to charity? But I understand the impulse: today’s computer chairs simply weren’t designed for us gamers; they were designed for office workers, people who leave the computer once in a while. Normal office chairs aren’t comfortable enough for your average 4-hour Starcraft binge, and they certainly weren’t designed for anything beginning with “World of” or ending with “Online”.

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Gaming chairs were designed with gamers in mind, with comfort and design as a priority. Some of these gaming chairs even come with extra features like built-in speakers or vibrating feedback, creating an intense experience that Momma’s old swivel chair can never equal. So sit back and relax as PCGamerHub takes on the best gaming chairs for PC:

Under $200: Lightweights

X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair

Why do we want to invest in a gaming chair in the first place? Because our hobby involves a lot of sitting and we need comfort that goes above and beyond the call of duty! And comfort was obviously at the forefront of the designers’ minds here: the X Rocker Pro is ridiculously plush and will definitely help you keep good posture during those long nights of gaming. It also includes a built-in 2.1 speaker system, with 2 powerful speakers and a subwoofer. It even vibrates with the sound! A budget option at $174.92.

BoomChair Stealth Boom Chair

The BoomChair appeals to a different market than the Rocker Pro; with an understated design and a separate headrest, it could almost pass for a normal office chair. However, this is no seat for a regular office drone, unless your boss is Steve Carrell from The Office: it packs serious sound with a 2.1 speaker setup and padded armrests for maximum comfort. A great alternative for that classy gamer. MSRP: $159.98

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HomeCom PU Leather Massage Recliner

This is a normal chair, not a “gaming” chair – so sue me! It may not have built-in speakers, but it’s leather, it’s heated, and it gives you a massage. It’s not a traditional recliner for couch potatoes, so you should be good using a PC with it. Your K/D ratio may not thank you, but your feet certainly will.

MSRP: $159.97

$200-500: Heavyweights

Comfort Research Echo Gaming Chair

This is a higher-end gaming chair, with an eye-pleasing two-tone design, a micro-fiber cover (good for all those nasty spills and stains) and the obligatory 2.1 built-in speaker system. It looks a little classier than the X Rocker Pro, but it’s more identifiably a “gaming chair” than the BoomChair. Plus it’s super-comfy: it comes from a company called Comfort Research after all. I want that job! MSRP: $219.54

Playseat Flight Seat

Do you like flight sims? No, I mean do you really, really like flight sims? Playseat’s got you covered with their $500 Flight Seat, the best gaming chair for the flight simulator aficionado. You’ll feel like the Red Baron in this stylish, no-nonsense cockpit, which is compatible with most high-end flight sticks and pedals on the market. The extras are great too: the seat is lined with suede and it sits atop an adjustable steel chassis. A beautiful example of high-tech design for the specialized gamer.

$500+: Fantasy league

Playseat Office Chair

A thing of real beauty; definitely for the adult gamer with a sense of style and class. Playseat makes other chairs designed for gaming, but something about this high-end model screams “patrician” to me. There are no speakers on this one, no extras of any kind in fact: it’s all elegant design coated in classy, comfy white leather and a high-quality metal swivel mechanism. The best gaming chair for the grown-up on your list.

MSRP: $599.99

Playseat SV Gaming Seat

Start your engines! This $800 racing seat is the ideal gaming chair for any racing game enthusiast. It’s made out of comfortable leather, slightly reclined, and comes with pedestals for 3rd party pedal and wheel accessories, which you have to provide yourself. A high quality gaming chair for the serious racer.

The Emperor 200 Workstation

Best Gaming Chair
Best Gaming Chair

The Lamborghini of gaming chairs. The Emperor’s throne, which must be seen to be believed, supports up to three monitors on a sturdy overhead chassis. Among the extras this thing packs in are a separate touch screen control center, air filtration, and even a light therapy system. Needless to say, the seat itself is made of high-quality leather. You may feel like the head of the Borg collective while fragging in the confines of this futuristic chair, but is that even a bad thing?

MSRP: $50,000.

Best Gaming Chair for PC

Thus ends our round-up of seats designed for your hardcore-gaming butt. The best gaming chair will have you fragging all night! Some of these solutions may be expensive but as a serious gamer you owe it to yourself to consider investing in a high-quality, ergonomic chair. Not only will they ensure your gaming experience is awesome with surround sound and extra features, but they’ll also ensure you maintain a healthy posture and prevent back pain. Gaming is a serious hobby – so get some serious gear!

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