How to Pick the Best Video Game Chair

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There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a video game chair. The best gaming chair for one person might not be the best fit for another. An individual gamer is going to have a very different set of needs than a business, school, and/or community organization looking to add to or create a gaming area. The following questions are just a few things you might want to consider before purchasing a new gaming chair.

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What is your budget?

Video Game Chair
Video Game Chair

With ultimate gaming chair setups costing upwards of $100,000 or more and economic alternative models ranging as low as $100, picking a price point is key when you’re looking to purchase a game chair. Depending on your answers to the other questions in this article, you might want to wait to pick up your ideal gaming chair when it goes on sale, when family or friends can chip in for it, or when you’re receiving additional income such as a tax return.
Those with business needs might want to look into a grant or loan (as well as any limitations that might be put on those funds) to offset their costs, and whether or not you can purchase directly from a manufacturer to receive either an organizational or bulk order discount. Also, if you’re a professional gamer or looking to become one, it’s possible that you might be able to write this equipment off on your taxes.

How many people are going to use it?

This might sound like a trick question to those looking to buy a gaming chair for solely their own use, but video game chairs are perfect for family recreation rooms, dormitory multipurpose rooms, and/or gaming stores with LAN facilities.
If the gaming chair is going to be used by numerous people on a daily basis, investing in a chair that’s durable and easy to clean will rank higher (especially if the chair is going to see some tournament action) than one that matches an individual owner’s specific needs.

What kind of gamer is it intended for?

This isn’t asking about your gaming skills and whether you’re a l33t or n00b player, but what types of genres do you typically lean toward? A lot of gaming chairs on the market are built with either console, racing, or PC enthusiasts in mind. While some chairs can be used cross-platform, most of them are made to work with only a small range of systems.
The following are the three most common video game chair styles you’ll find on the market:

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  • A “pedestal” chair is a great match for any PC gamer. You can get anything from a barebones office chair to a full-on gaming station.
  • A “racing” chair is the perfect setup for those that want to play either flight simulation or driving games. Many come with built-in joysticks and/or steering wheels, adding to the experience, and some will even have motion sync during your game play.
  • A “rocker” chair is more commonly used by console gamers. Like a rocking chair with no legs, or a car seat indoors, rockers rest flat on the floor and are made to be placed in front of a large TV or monitor with console system hookups on the side. See our Rocker Gaming Chairs article for more on that.

What’s the best setup for you?

Just because you know what you’re going to hook your entertainment furniture up to, what style of chair you like, and whether you or twenty of your friends are going to use the chair, this still doesn’t outline what kind of setup you need. By setup we mean console or PC placement, gamepad/joystick orientation, monitor/TV location, etc. Maybe you need armrests, in-chair storage for remotes, and/or a cup holder? Do you like your console to be next to your chair so that you can swap games out quickly? Or maybe you like your tower raised so that it gets better airflow? Where items are in orientation to your gaming chair means a lot, especially to those that are looking to create their “ultimate gaming station.”

Businesses and organizations are going to want to pay special attention to this because there’s probably a lot of things you’re not going to want people to have easy access to, so being able to move those items far away from the gaming chair is going to matter a lot.

What is ergonomically right for you?

Those with business needs will have to settle for gaming chairs that are one-size-fits-all, but if you’re a hardcore gamer and you intend on spending countless hours sitting in the same place as you solve puzzles, kill zombies, and/or save princesses, then ergonomics means a lot.

You’ll want to make certain that any chair you purchase supports your lower back. It should also allow you to place your knees at the same level as your thighs and hips. Furthermore, it should keep your head and neck in line with your torso without putting strain on the torso. It’s okay if it is a little bit squishy, but it should be firm enough to support your butt and thighs. Keep in mind that you might additionally want to look at how it’ll support your wrists to avoid issues like carpal tunnel in the future.

Where is it going to go?

Two words for you: Size and weight. They might not mean anything to you if you’re having it
delivered, or if your twenty friends are all cool with bringing it up the three flights of stairs to the
apartment, but if you’re the lone gamer then having a bulky video game chair might sound great at the
store and horrible when you try to get home with it. It is the same for those who are living in tiny
apartments where space is a premium. Planning where your video game chair will go ahead of
time, and how it’s going to get there, will save you a lot of time and frustration when you get

What features do you need in the Video Game Chair?

After setup, you need to look at features. Is vibration or movement something you find essential?
Maybe you want an entirely wireless setup? Does your console or PC require very specific
ports? How many ports do you need for your ideal setup? Do you want built-in speakers, and if so
what kind of speakers do you like? Bluetooth, USB, and audio jacks are now the norm, but the
types of hookups vary from gaming chair to gaming chair, so pay special attention to the port list
for each model.

by Cynthia Leigh

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