How Many PC Games Can 1 TB Hold

Storage space can be a gamer’s worst nightmare, especially if you’re a big hoarder of games. These days, video games can easily take up over 100 GB of storage, especially if you’re dealing with AAA titles. As games become more advanced in terms of graphics and mechanics, they will increase in size.

PCs in particular struggle with storage space as there are other files and programs to consider, such as system files andgame launchers. Most gamers invest in a HDD or SSD to store their games in; these drives can range from 16 GB to 1 TB. It’s hard to say how many PC games 1 TB can actually hold, so we decided to do some research into this matter.

On average, 1 TB can hold 15 large PC games; larger games are usually 30-50 GB in size, but some AAA titles are over 100 GB. Indie titles are much smaller in size, ranging from 500 MB to 3 GB, so 1 TB can hold over 200indie games. HDDs and SSDs require approximately 100-200 GB of space for system files, so only 800-900 GB can be used for storing games.

Is 1TB Enough For Gaming 2022?

For most gamers, 1 TB is plenty of space for gaming in 2022, especially if you’re an indie fan. Although many titles are over 30 GB, there are still a lot of games under 10 GB. If you’re satisfied with having 15-50 PC games installed 1 TB is enough storage space,.

However, if you want more than 50 games or you’re a fan of the larger AAA titles, such as FFXV (85 GB), 1 TB may not be enough. 1 TB can only hold 10 large AAA games, so it may be worth upgrading to 2 TB.

How Much Does a 1TB HDD/SSD Cost?

1 TB HDDs and SSDs range in cost depending on the brand, store, and features. On average, they range from $40 to $130.

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