Does Nintendo Have PC Games

Nintendo is notorious for only releasing games on their own consoles; they rarely dip into other gaming devices. Nintendo is home to many popular consoles, such as the classic DS series, Switch, Wii, and more. We’re all aware of their success – with games like Mario and Zelda under their belt – but we can’t help but wonder if they’ve expanded to platforms like PC.

PC is one of the most accessible and well-used gaming platforms, so it stands to reason that Nintendo would benefit from releasing games on PC. However, we still see a lot of Switch or 3DS exclusives these days, such as Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. So, in order to find out whether Nintendo has any PC games, we had to dig a little deeper.

Nintendo currently does not release any games on PC, and they have made no statements about changing this policy. They release only on their own consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, as well as on Mobile. Originally, Nintendo did port a few games to PC, such as Mario’s Time Machine, but have since stopped doing so.

Why Doesn’t Nintendo Have PC Games?

Nintendo has not stated the reason as to why they no longer release on PC. It’s likely they saw no need for it or simply wished to promote their consoles. They’ve received such success from using their own consoles, so the PC market likely doesn’t concern them.

Can You Play Nintendo Games on PC?

You can play classic Nintendo games on PC using emulators, which are programs that mimic a console. Classic Nintendo games include titles released on GameBoy, NES, DS, and other old consoles. Nintendo Switch games are usually not included in this list.

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