The Best Gaming PC Under 1000

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Continuing with our theme for our U.K. readers, let’s find out what the best gaming PC under 1000 pounds is. If you want to take advantage of the PC gaming renaissance that’s happening at the moment, and want something that will continue to play the most modern games even after the new consoles have come out – but don’t want to get a second mortgage just to afford it – then help is at hand. Whilst top of the line PCs can still cost a lot, you can get high end PCs, with powerful processors and excellent graphics cards for a affordable prices. Here is a list of the 5 best gaming PCs under 1000. But if you’re more interested in building your own rig, why not try this?

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Gaming PC Under 1000 Number 1: ANKERMANN PC Wildcat GAMER        £772

An excellent PC for a great price. A 3rd Generation Intel processor with the newer Ivy Bridge architecture and its 16Gb of RAM means it will remain a powerful computer well into the future. Able to play even hardware intensive games, such as Crysis 3 on high graphics and maintain smooth frame rates. It’s an excellent PC for both amateur and hardcore gamers alike and would make a good replacement for ageing consoles and will be able to keep up with the games released for the next generation of consoles.

  • 3rd Generation Intel i7 3770 3.4MHz quad core processor with the Ivy Bridge architecture provides efficient, powerful processing power in a dynamic and economical way.
  • High powered nVidia GTX660 graphics card provides, cutting edge graphics and smooth frame rates in modern games.
  • 16GB of DDR3 high speed RAM provides your PC with the memory to survive into the future of gaming.
  • A massive 2TB hard drive means you won’t be worrying about space for some of the newer larger games and will still be able to fit on all the music, films and photo’s you will ever need.

Gaming PC Under 1000 Number 2: Medion Erazer X5716 D Gaming PC   £999.99

A high powered PC capable of taking on any modern game on high graphics settings. Its combination of an advanced Intel quad core processor and powerful GPU means that you can burn through any current game without worries and will remain a capable PC into the future.

  • Powered by an efficient 2nd Generation Intel i7 2600 quad core processor running at 3.40GHz which will be able to power through any almost game. It is easy to use, using Intel Hyper Threading and Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 to boost performance automatically when its needed.
  • A high end nVidia GTX560 Graphics card which can run DirectX11 applications smoothly and with the GeForce Experience software, keeping your drivers up to date has never been easier.
  • 8GB of memory will allow the playing of modern games, and with it being a PC you can upgrade it to 16GB of RAM in the future.
  • 1.5TB of Hard Drive space will allow you to store whatever you want and not have to worry about filling your Hard Drive up again.
  • A Blu-Ray drive will allow you to play the latest films in 1080p on your computer.
Gaming PC under 1000
Gaming PC under 1000

Gaming PC Under 1000 Number 3: Asus CM6870-UK002S Gaming PC

Another great PC for a good price, capable of tackling games with ease and providing an easy to use media interface thanks to it having Windows 8 as standard. It is a sleek looking system made with the game winning combination of an Intel processor and a nVidia graphics card.

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  • Quad Core Intel i5 3330 3rd generation processor, running at 3GHz, while it lacks the raw power of the i7 GPU’s it is still more than capable of outperforming the current gen consoles and keeping your games running smoothly.
  • Nvidia GT640 GPU with 3GB of dedicated RAM will perform well and provide a smooth frame rate on 1080p displays during DirectX11 applications.
  • 16GB of RAM is more than enough and is actually future proof allowing your PC to remain powerful into the future.
  • Comes with Windows 8 as standard. Giving you a clear, simple interface with an excellent design.

Gaming PC Under 1000 Number 4: Cyberpower Armada Xtreme Gaming Desktop PC

Another reasonably priced gaming PC with the same powerful combination of Intel and nVidia as the first three. Its monolithic appearance and smooth lines looks great and its tuned up at the factory to provide you with a great gaming experience straight out the box.

  • Intel core i5 processor provides excellent power and is factory over-clocked to reach a staggering 4.3 GHz. More than enough for any game.
  • The same nVidia GTX 660 as the Ankermann PC (1st choice) provides excellent performance on any game and provides excellent stability and frame rates.
  • 8GB of RAM allows your PC to multi-task effectively and provides enough power for all modern games to run.
  • Windows 8 as standard
  • 2TB Hard Drive.

Gaming PC Under 1000 Number 5: Sedatech PC Gamer Ultimate Desktop

Slightly different than the other PCs as it does not contain an Intel Processor or nVidia GPU, opting for a six core AMD processor and ATI Radeon graphics card instead. These create a powerful computer, with more than enough power to play everything from modern shooters to MMORPGs like EVE online and WoW.

  • The processor of this system is the powerful 6 Core AMD FX6100 processor running at 3.3GHz. Whilst less advanced then its nVidia competition the extra cores means it has more the enough power to maintain smooth frame rates in any game.
  • An ATI Radeon HD7950 Graphics card, a powerful graphics card perfect for gaming and any other multimedia task. Powerful enough to perform successfully no matter the game and give you beautiful visuals and great graphics.
  • Two hard drives; one 120GB Solid State Drive, which allows instantaneous start up and super-fast storage and a larger 1TB drive for storing everything that you don’t need as fast.
  • 8GB of high speed RAM.

On the list of some of the 5 best gaming PCs for under £1000 the clear winner is the Ankermann Wildcat Gaming PC, it provides a fantastic 3rd generation Intel processor with the powerful GTX660 and for an amazingly small price for what it is. Getting into the PC gaming world at the higher levels doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive and can actually be quite affordable, so if you want to leave the consoles behind and play some of the excellent range of PC exclusive games such as most RTS games and a host of excellent indie games all with superior graphics and performance, don’t let price stop you. Happy gaming with this awesome gaming PC under 1000.

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