How to Record PC Gamplay - Part 5

In the final segment of our “How to Record PC Gameplay” tutorial series, we will show you how to upload your videos to Youtube and avoid copyright issues. Even though you are the video creator, the IPs (intellectual properties) and materials you are using don’t belong to you.

Disclaimer: This is no legal advice. Always consult your lawyer about copyright rules and risks. THis is just a personal opinion and may be wrong. Make sure you always re-check youtube’s rules, since they can change. By reading this article you agree to make sure to get proper legal advice on any legal question.

Sharing Your Videos

The point of uploading your videos to Youtube is to share your experiences and gameplay with people around the world. It is so easy to do, and there are tons of people who do it. Successful Youtubers make a living off their Youtube videos, and all these stories have inspired many people to start their own channels.

Whether you simply enjoy making videos or you would like to do this as a serious venture is your own personal choice. But we’re sure that you recorded your gameplay so you could show it off to other people. It would be kind of creepy to record yourself playing games and then re-watch it yourself.

Uploading to Youtube

The video we created will take you through the process of uploading your video to Youtube. It is an extremely easy process and should take you a few minutes. However the actually uploading of your video to Youtube could take much longer depending on your internet speed and the size of your video.

Fair Use and Copyright

If you intend to make money off your videos, you need to know what is and isn’t allowed to be monetized. Fair use and copyright is covered in detail in the video, please educate yourself and research the topic before you get yourself in trouble from Youtube and/or these game corporations.

List of Game Developers who Allow or Disallow Commercial Use of Their Games

You can find a detailed list of game developers who condone or forbid commercial use of their games and products at Alloy Seven.

Monetizing Your Youtube Videos

To monetize your videos you need to have an Adsense account that you can link up to your Youtube account. You can create an Adsense account in minutes, by registering and verifying your identity from the Google Adsense website.

Once you’ve linked your Adsense account, you will then need to turn on monetization in Youtube via your Dashboard. If you would like more guidance on this, here is a short video on how to activate monetization on Youtube.

Youtube Partnership and Other Partners

The Youtube Partner Program is what allows you to make money off your videos. This is the best choice for beginners, because you don’t have to sign up to any contracts or anything like that. However, once your channel grows to a larger size, you should consider joining a gaming Youtube partner. Here are some discussions about different partners and the pros and cons of each partner.

How to Record PC Gameplay Tutorial Conclusion

Thank you for watching our “How to Record PC Gameplay” tutorial series. If you enjoyed this series please leave a comment and/or feedback. We wish you the best of luck if you decide to continue to record PC gameplay and hope it brings you lots of enjoyment (and possibly fame and money).

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