Almost any sport, including Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Boxing, or Golf, has been adapted for PC.

Honestly, I believe that except for perhaps Polo and Synchronous Swimming, any sport has at least one PC adoption. And maybe even those two are already adapted for PC…who knows.

Here I want to examine some options:

NFL Blitz

Types of Sports PC games you can play

These sports adaptions for PC come in different flavors:

  • arcade 
  • simulation
  • management
  • multi-sport
  • sport-based fighting.

Genre: Arcade

Arcade-type sports games portray an unrealistic gameplay style, focusing more on scoring and having fun, without even trying to simulate the natural world and -gameplay. 

Examples of Arcade Sports games include 

Sports: American Football

PC Game: NFL Blitz

NFL Blitz is back!

NFL Blitz is an American Football frolic that at least obeys the standard football rules.

However, it is very flexible with fewer players and adjustable positions. It is an excellent game if you are looking for this type of pastime. 

Sports: Basketball

PC Game: NBA Jam series

NBA Jam features players from all 30 NBA teams in a 2 – on – 2 arcade basketball competition. You can have a one-off with any team or play a classic campaign, beating the other teams in order to win the championship title. 

In addition, it offers local multiplayer, connecting you with friends via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and online Multiplayer, guaranteeing many hours of fun in front of your screen.

Genre: Simulations

Simulations are much more realistic by design, focusing on every detail and replicating the exact characteristics of the sport. The concept is to provide complete immersion into the game.

And with the advent of VR headsets, you will not know if what you are experiencing is real or a simulation anymore.

Examples of Simulation type of Sports games are

Sports: Soccer

PC Game: Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is one of the best emulations of the most famous sport on Earth for PC. PES offers you matches against the computer-controlled opponents or your real-world friends in Multiplayer.

Furthermore, the Co-op mode lets you play with a friend on one team.

The different game modes

  • exhibition
  • cup and 
  • career mode (solid to be the best), 

are highly engaging and worthwhile.

PES is considered to be a highly realistic soccer simulation.


Next up is FIFA. FIFA is the Goliath of soccer video games and sports games in general. Its popularity has even increased over the years. Heck, many soccer stars play FIFA for relaxation (perhaps because they can play themselves?)

Soon, it will be interesting to see if the PES-“David” will be able to take FIFA’s place since FIFA is losing its FIFA name and many league licenses.

FIFA offers similar features as PES but is known for its more arcade gameplay on and off the pitch, with slightly more complicated game controls. 

Graphics, animation, attention to detail (player jerseys, emotions, reactions, spectator responses, arenas), and licenses beat all challengers, at least for the moment.

You can play for any club in any professional league, including playing for your team in the UEFA Champions League. 

FIFA gives you an all-around soccer experience and my personal favorite – for the moment.

Sports: Basketball

PC Game: NBA 2k22


The NBA 2k franchise today is the gold standard for basketball games on PC, widely recognized for its near-perfect representation of basketball. 

Its latest release, NBA 2k22, offers a rich, realistic gameplay with your performance affected by player rating. Also, compared to its predecessor, NBA 2k22 features improved graphics and presentation with a Career mode and other interesting features.

Sports: Tennis

PC Game: AO International Tennis

AO International Tennis Game Footage

“Australian Open International Tennis” is the best Tennis game available for PC today, offering you to slip into the shoes of today’s top players, play on famous courts with a high level of realism, and battle against a well-honed AI. 

With the game developer holding the important licenses, you can play hundreds of real top players or – if you prefer – recreate yourself with the “PlayFace” tool. 

The motion capture technology, various historical courts, and the exciting career mode give you an immersive tennis experience.

And if you ever grow tired of playing against the AI, you can compete with friends for World Championship online.

The game comes with full cross-platform functionality. Something I wish my favorite FIFA had.

If AO International Tennis for some reason is not to your liking, other Tennis options for your PC include:

  • Virtua Tennis
  • Top Spin 4
  • Tennis Elbow 4

Sports: Volleyball

PC Game: Spike Volleyball

Spike Volleyball

Classified as one of the best volleyball PC games, it features high-quality graphics reminding us of real, live volleyball. You can choose from 50 male and female teams, playing single against the computer or other human opponents online.

Should you be looking for even more PC Volleyball games, check out this list:

  • Volleyball Unbound – Pro Beach Volleyball
  • Perfect Universe – Play with Gravity
  • Super Volley Blast

Sports: Racing

PC Game: Forza Horizon 

Forza Horizon in-game

Forza Horizon is a brilliant racing game receiving positive reviews constantly. Its atmosphere keeps you glued to the screen with fascinating details like varying track surfaces, seasonal changes, and an excellent weather forecast. All of which influence your racing game.

Coupled with fascinating racing seasons, I am sure you will enjoy Forza Horizon.

In case you still can’t get enough of racing on your PC, you should give these games a chance:

  • F1 2022 – We will cover this game on its own page.
  • Need for Speed – an absolute classic, spawning its own movie blockbuster

Sports: Golf

PC Game: PGA Tour 2k21

The PGA Tour franchise is renowned for its beautiful aesthetics, amazing graphics, soundtrack, realism, and fantastic gameplay. The ambiance is tailored after the one and only Tiger Woods himself. 

So slip into his Golf shoes and grab a driver.

Other amazing golf games to mention:

  • The Golf Club VR [VR headset mandatory]
  • The Golf Club 2019

Sports: Baseball

PC Game: Out of the Park (OOTP) Baseball 21


Out of the Park creates a realistic baseball world with well-captured, immaculate motion animation, arena, and game atmosphere, with players developing, reaching their peak….only to decline their abilities as they age. 

But new prospects are always available. The circle of life …

OOTP 21 is fully licensed by MLB and the minor leagues, giving you real-life experience when signing junior players for your team.

You fully control the game’s inherent analytics by running complete analyses of players and their performances.

So according to the logic of our structure, we could have put OOTP 21 under “Management” games, also.

If you want to play against your friends, the Multiplayer mode allows you to do just that. 

And if you are even more hungry for PC baseball games, then have a look at:

And here find more PC Baseball games

Sports: American Football

PC Game: Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL is a beautiful football game for PC with fantastic arena-, player-, and in-game animations. You also do not have to play alone if you don’t want to, as the included Multiplayer mode connects you with friends anywhere.

Madden NFL is the top-recommended game if you want an impressive football gaming experience online or on the computer.

Other football games you might want to check out include:

  • Pro Strategy Football 2018
  • Axis Football 2017

Sports: Table Tennis

PC Game: Table Tennis Pro

Table Tennis Pro

TTP features a 3D environment and an innovative control system, giving you surprising control over the shots. You also can play with friends via multiplayer or dual-player mode.

Sports: Boxing

our Resource if you are into Boxing Games for PC

PC Game: The Thrill of the fight – VR Boxing

The Thrill of the Fight

This game takes its fascination from its proximity to real-life boxing, as even professional boxers use it as a training tool. The mandatory VR headset allows for a complete immersion into boxing. Black eyes included.

If this ain’t enough to convince you to hit it, ahem, give it a shot, I honestly don’t know what would.

Other good boxing games you can check out include

  • Real Boxing
  • Art of Boxing

Sports: Hockey

PC Game: NHL 22

Arguably, NHL 22 is the best hockey game for PC, renowned for its stunning graphics, animations, the strong resemblance to real NHL players, exciting commentary, a brilliant AI, an offline and online career mode – all in all, a pretty immersive game to play.

Genre: Sports Management

Sports Management games do just that… make you the manager of the whole bunch. So you wear suits instead of a jersey and deal with the management side of sports.

Some games also allow you to “manage” against friends in Multiplayer. 

Various examples are

Basketball Manager

This unusual Basketball Management game is based on the currency called “Vitamins,” essential to unlock the game’s options. And since you pay with Vitamins, you should not be surprised that “Steroids” are part of the gear, also.

I agree this is a rather weird game… in case this is not for you, but you would like to play a Basketball Management Game (click here)(

You can find more Basketball Management games here.

Football Manager

In Football Manager, you act as manager and coach your team to the top, participating in various leagues worldwide. 

FM feels natural with the various player acquisitions, team budgets, and deadline day euphoria, just as it happens in world football. 

In addition, FM 2022 has modernized licenses and leagues with a plan for women’s football, giving players a profound soccer experience.

If you love playing sports manager games, you can also give the following games a try:

  • Front Office Football 8
  • Basketball GM
  • F1 Manager 2022
  • Pro Cycling manager
  • NFL head coach
  • Tennis Elbow Manager
  • Eastside Hockey Manager

Genre: Multi-sport

Multi-sport games have multiple disciplines combined into one single game. 

An example would be 

  • London 2012

This official London summer Olympics game features the Olympic sports, including track and field events (discus throw, high jump, long jump), swimming, diving, shooting, archery, gymnastics … what they do during the Olympics.

If you desire an all-sports Olympic feel, there’s your answer.

You may also want to check out its Vancouver 2010 predecessor.

Genre: Sports-based Fighting

This genre includes both boxing and wrestling games. Noteworthy games would be:

WWE 2k series

WWE 2k is the official wrestling game available for PC. It has impressive visuals and gameplay, with various camera angles, player introductions, and signature moves, like a real wrestling showdown.

Fight Night Champion

This boxing game is equipped with authentic content, showcasing an accurate graphical replica of the sport, with a dynamic “blood view” for boxing–invoked injuries. 

You can add dynamics to your player’s punches with the advanced gaming control and have a whole boxing experience. 

To cap it up, you can harness your bragging rights in an online battle with friends and win the ultimate champion.

Other famous sports-based fighting games that are worth your time include:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • Street Fighter
  • Tekken
  • EA Sports UFC

Where can you find sports games for PC?

These games can be found in known gaming stores. These are digital stores that allow gamers to buy and own games without having or needing a physical disc anymore.

The leading sources are Origin, Steam, GOG.COM, epic games store, Ubisoft Connect, and Xbox Game Pass.

Games owned by EA sports franchises (FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, UFC) are commonly found on Origin. 

OOTP can be bought on Steam or Mac AppStore Platforms. 

Tennis Manager is listed on GOG.COM.

Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer on Steam, epic games store, and Xbox game pass platforms.

Steam is the most dominant storefront of them all. As such, players can find most sports games on this platform.

Can you play Sports games on PC for free?

Sports games can generally be classified into three distribution types:

  • free
  • freemium and 
  • paid games.

Some games like Basketball management contain all three features.

Free and Freemium games are usually played using a browser, while paid games are available for download from the Publisher’s site, Steam, or any earlier mentioned game storefronts.

What do you need?

To enjoy sports games on your PC, you would need one or more of the following components;

  • Joystick

Used for sports games like Soccer (PES, FIFA), Basketball, car racing, tennis, and boxing. 

  • Keyboard
  • Gaming mouse

Gaming mice might be needed for playing some sports games such as cricket.

  • Steering wheel plus pedal

If you want to enjoy car racing games, this might be mandatory.

  • External Speakers

Makes the game all the more enjoyable, with the enhanced audio effect giving a live feeling. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to hear the cheering crowds?

Can you play with friends?

Many sports games feature single players, dual players, multiplayer, co-op, and cross-play.

This is true for games like Soccer, Basketball, Car racing, boxing, wrestling, baseball, and Sports Management. 

In addition, other sports like Golf, Basketball, Car racing, and sports management allow connecting with nearby friends via LAN connection. 

With most games, you can also play with friends online via Multiplayer.

Sports games like Forza Horizon, Football manager, and Super Mega Baseball, to mention a few, have the cross-play (otherwise called cross-compatible or cross-platform) feature. This online multiplayer gaming feature allows multiple players from different gaming platforms and/or PCs to connect online and play with each other simultaneously.

Additionally, PES, NBA 2k22, and FIFA have a co-op feature that allows players to work together as teammates against one or more AI-controlled opponents to achieve a common objective.

Can Sports games be played on any Personal Computer?

It is essential to consider the computer’s specifications before buying any game. The specifications decide if the PC is well equipped for the game to run, and even if it runs, you may not enjoy the experience if the PC hasn’t enough RAM or GPU power.

Therefore, yes, sports games can be played on any personal computer if the computer meets the minimum requirements necessary for the effective running of the game.

While it is advisable to own PCs with high specifications for excellent gaming experience and to own multiple games, the following should, however, be considered as minimum requirements;

  • Windows 7 or 10 (64 – bit) Operating System
  • Intel® core ™ i5, i7, or more Processor
  • 6GB or 8GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 780/AMD Radeon R9 290 Graphics card
  • At least 50GB of available space

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