Buying Guide PC Games at GameStop

Since its inception, GameStop has experienced significant developments in its working, systems, and processes. One of the significant changes that GameStop has undergone over time includes massive updates to its purchasing system. As such, it’s only natural that consumers sometimes face difficulties grasping newer systems and buying methods.

For reference, GameStop used to harbor a plethora of different games and hardware. These included consoles, PC games, and accessories; however, PC games have become a rare sight in GameStop outlets. 

This can be attributed to the fact that physical games have now become obsolete as the world shifts towards an online setting with digital copies of video games. Nevertheless, if you wish to purchase a physical PC game, and on the off chance that you can find one lying around at GameStop, consider yourself lucky!

However, buying digital copies of video games from GameStop is an entirely different story, and today – that’s precisely what I’ll be helping you out with!

How Do You Buy PC Games on GameStop?

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Buying digital versions of games is a relatively straightforward process. You’ll first have to go to GameStop’s official website, browse its catalog of several thousand titles, and add the game you want to purchase to your cart. You will, however, need to create an account on the website to do so. 

After adding the title to your cart, you’ll have to go through the checkout process and add a payment method. After performing these necessary steps and completing your purchase, you’ll receive a code on your provided email to download your purchased game.

This redeemable code will be sent to you almost instantly or within a gap of 1-2 minutes from your purchase. Previously, redeeming these codes required you to download GameStop’s own client; however, this step isn’t necessary anymore. GameStop codes are now redeemable across significant distributors such as Steam, Origin, UPlay, and the like. 


The PickUpAtStore is a service launched by GameStop that you can use to order and purchase physical copies of games. Although this would be relatively less popular for PC games, you can order a video game through the online website and ask for it to be delivered to your nearest GameStop outlet. 

Once the copy of your chosen title is delivered to the store, you’ll have to go and pick it up. This allows you to order and purchase physical copies of video games in specific store outlets that might otherwise not be in stock. 

How Do I Redeem a GameStop Code on PC?

The process for redeeming a GameStop code differs depending on your platform. I’ll cover Steam, Origin, and UPlay here – but the process is similar for all major distributors. 


Perform the following steps to redeem your GameStop code on Steam.

  • Open the Steam client and log into your account. 
  • Navigate to your game library and select the “Activate a Product on Steam” option.
  • Proceed to the next step and agree to the terms and conditions offered by the client.
  • A prompt will now open up with a text box. Type in your GameStop code here to successfully redeem your newly purchased game!
Buying Guide: PC Games at GameStop


Perform the following steps to redeem your GameStop code on Origin.

  • Open the Origin client and log into your account. 
  • Click on the “Origin” option at the top and select the “Redeem Product Code” option. 
  • A text prompt will open up. Enter the GameStop product code you received in your email to successfully redeem your digital game!
Buying Guide: PC Games at GameStop


Perform the following steps to redeem your GameStop code on UPlay

  • Open the UPlay client and log into your Ubisoft account. 
  • Click the three lines in the top-left corner of the client and select the “Activate a Key” option.
  • A text box will open up. Enter your GameStop code from your email here to successfully redeem your game!
Buying Guide: PC Games at GameStop

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