A baseball inside the hands of a pitcher.

MLB The Show 23 is San Diego Studio’s latest entry to the developers’ long-running MLB The Show franchise. The game continues the series’ realistic baseball gaming experience on consoles, but many fans on PC are still waiting for the title to be released for home computers as well.

The thing is, although the game hasn’t been ported to PC – and will likely never happen, as proven by its previous entries – MLB The Show 23 can actually be played on our gaming desktop already.

To play MLB The Show 23 on PC, we need to:

  1. Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (availability differs according to region).
  2. Install the Xbox App on the computer.
  3. Launch the Xbox App, and then sign in.
  4. Navigate to the Cloud Gaming tab on the home screen’s left-side menu.
  5. Find and select MLB The Show 23 from the games list provided.
  6. Play the game!

We can play last year’s MLB The Show 22 this way too, in case anyone wants to see how the game has improved since 2022. Regardless, by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, not only can we enjoy one of the best baseball games on the PC right now, but we can also explore other triple-A (AAA) titles for free.

In my book, that’s a massive win!

Can MLB The Show 23 be Played Online on PC?

So, the base game can be ‘streamed’ on the computer via Xbox Game Pass’s cloud-gaming service. That being said, can we play the game against others online?

Yes, MLB The Show 23 can be played online against other players on the PC through Xbox Game Pass. However, gameplay performance and input latency can differ depending on our respective Internet connection and stability.

Unlike underrated baseball simulation gems, like Digital Diamond Baseball, real-time lag and connection issues drastically impact our fun, so if our WiFi strength isn’t strong enough, it might be better to play the game’s main storyline, The Negro Leagues, or the improved Franchise Mode, instead.

Do I Need to Buy MLB The Show 23 to Play on PC?

Since MLB The Show 23 is available for us to play on PC via Xbox Game Pass, do we need to purchase it after subscribing to the service?

No, we don’t need to buy MLB The Show 23 to play it on the computer after subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The game is among the many free-to-play AAA titles available for us to experience, offered under the subscription.

Think of it like Netflix, where all its movies are free for us to watch anytime, anywhere (as long as we’re subscribed to it, of course).

Plus, by opting for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we don’t have to worry about storage space anymore, as the games won’t be downloaded onto the PC (except for necessary files/ folders). Xbox’s cloud-gaming feature can also solve the problem of bad PC game ports as well, which seems to be a recurring issue for many game releases throughout the past few years.

Is MLB The Show 23 Sold on Steam?

Steam is arguably the world’s best digital video game store right now due to its expansive catalog of video games. With that in mind, is it possible that MLB The Show 23 might be sold on Steam too?

No, MLB The Show 23 isn’t sold on Steam because the developers/ publishers have decided not to release the game for PC. Currently, the only way to play the game on a computer is through Xbox Game Pass’s cloud servers.

Will we ever get officially licensed MLB The Show games on the PC, then? It’s hard to say. The developers, San Diego Studio, will need to segregate sufficient resources and manpower to do so, which isn’t as simple as we might think.

Opting for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is the most ideal solution at present. Still, the subscription also lets us play countless other games for free, which is justifiably worth the monthly subscription fee!

Can I Play MLB The Show 23 using Mouse and Keyboard?

MLB The Show 23 might be playable on PC through Xbox Game Pass, but can we play the game using the mouse and keyboard if we don’t have a compatible gamepad at home?

Yes, we can play MLB The Show 23 using the mouse and keyboard by way of third-party software that is safe and legitimate. These applications allow us to reconfigure joystick buttons to the mouse and keyboard setup we’re familiar with.

Applications, such as reWASD, also let us use our PS4 controller to play Xbox games on the PC, benefitting PlayStation owners as well! In all honesty, for the low price of $16.99 per month, Xbox Game Pass is teeming with loads of features and support that it’s almost a crime for PC gamers to not join in on the fun!

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