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Xbox Game Pass is an amazing monthly subscription service that offers a vast selection of Xbox games to play; no further purchases required (unless we want to own a particular Xbox game permanently). For PC gamers who are not familiar with it, where does Xbox Game Pass install its games on the computer?

Firstly, we need to understand that there are 3 different types of Game Pass, each being:

  • Xbox Game Pass (only for Xbox console owners)
  • PC Game Pass (only for PC gamers)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (for both Xbox and PC players)

If anyone’s wondering where the basic Xbox Game Pass app installs games on the PC, the direct answer is that it doesn’t. This is because the subscription is only available to Xbox console players, not PC owners.

For those referring to the Game Pass offered on PC, that is PC Game Pass; it installs our chosen games in a hidden folder under Program Files in the C Drive (C:)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best option among all three, in my opinion. Through it, we get to play all games offered by Xbox Game Pass AND PC Game Pass, supported by extra features like cloud gaming (playing Xbox games on a PC via the Internet). 

Game Pass Ultimate might come in handy whenever our latest PC games are poorly optimized, particularly PC ports such as The Last of Us Part 1. So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when the Ultimate package only costs $14.99 a month!

Is Xbox Game Pass the Same as PC Game Pass?

Many people commonly think of Xbox Game Pass as PC Game Pass too, but are they the same?

No, Xbox Game Pass is NOT the same as PC Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is exclusively available for Xbox players to subscribe to, while PC Game Pass can only be joined by PC gamers instead.

Each Game Pass package offers different benefits relevant to their respective platforms. Nevertheless, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – the complete subscription bundle – combines BOTH subscriptions into one, letting us enjoy everything that comes from Xbox Game Pass AND PC Game Pass.

As an Xbox console owner, MajorBen – Gaming explains what his Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription gives him access to, in 2023:

As we can see, Xbox players would gain more from an Xbox Game Pass subscription rather than not, especially when it comes to playing online multiplayer games that require an Xbox Live account (included under ALL Game Pass).

PC Game Pass generally works the same on computers as well, with PC games replacing Xbox games instead. By subscribing to PC Game Pass for only $9.99 per month, we get to play many PC games that are rotated every few weeks/ months, including multiplayer titles such as Sea of Thieves. Think of it as Netflix, but specifically for gaming.

We can play all of them to completion without spending a single dime, and then buy those that we love afterward (permanently linked to our Game Pass account). For glory hunters, this is an incredible way to unlock hundreds of in-game achievements, all for free!

We can find a general summary of each Game Pass plan over at Microsoft’s official store page right now.

Can I Install Xbox Games on PC using Xbox Game Pass?

Although Xbox Game Pass can’t be launched on PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can. So, can we try installing Xbox games on a PC while signing in to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account on the computer?

No, Xbox games can’t be installed on a PC regardless of which Game Pass account we’re logged in to, on the desktop/ laptop. While signed in to our Xbox Game Pass Ultimate profile on the computer, all Xbox console games will not be displayed except those that can be streamed on the computer by way of cloud servers.

That being said, many Xbox games have their PC versions too, so we can always buy them straight from digital stores or physical retailers near us. We don’t need an Xbox Live account to play PC-version Xbox games anymore, most notably for online play.

We can also opt to subscribe to PC Game Pass if we’re running out of space to install games on the computer. Since our games are safely linked to our account, we can uninstall them if we want to make room for newer titles released, reinstalling them again in the future.

Are PC Games Available under Xbox Game Pass?

For Xbox gamers who are always logged in to their Xbox Game Pass profile, certain PC game deals are sometimes displayed on the home screen. Does this mean PC games are available on Xbox Game Pass as well?

No, PC games aren’t available on Xbox Game Pass. The PC game deals and offers are primarily advertisements to promote us to subscribe to PC Game Pass or buy the game for PC.

Hence, if we want to play Xbox games on the computer, opting for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is the most ideal way at the moment. Just make sure we have an Xbox-supported controller on hand, though, because many Xbox games can’t be played without one.

Surprisingly, if we have a PlayStation 4 console at home, we can also use the DualShock 4 gamepad as an alternative. In any case, joining other Xbox gamers online can be a fun experience in itself, just like playing many free multiplayer PC games out there!

Does Xbox Game Pass Take Up A Lot of PC Storage?

Now that we’ve established Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as the perfect plan for us to play Xbox games on the PC, will it take up a lot of the system’s storage memory?

Unfortunately, yes, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate requires plenty of storage space to be installed on the PC, totaling a minimum of 150GB. However, noting the abundant features and expansive video game catalog that it offers, this doesn’t seem too demanding in the long run.

Since PC Game Pass is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the official system requirements can already be found on its online webpage. As a fellow PC gamer, it’s pretty hard to disprove the value of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now, don’t you think?

Plus, it utilizes cloud saves, which sort of compensates for the massive storage requirement earlier. Who knows, maybe in the future, we might be able to transfer PC games to Xbox consoles as well. The possibility is there for the making.

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