What Can Oak Resin Be Used For

Did you, like me, have no idea that Oak Resin even existed until late-game till you tried putting up a few Kegs on your farm?

I was completely unaware of the product until I made a couple of Wines from a Keg. I had never made any Deluxe Speed-Gro either, which added insult to injury.

Safe to say, this was my ignorance, and you shouldn’t follow in my footsteps!

What Is Oak Resin?

What is Oak Resin
What is Oak Resin

The Oak Resin is an Artisan product in Stardew Valley primarily obtained from Oak Trees. As such, Oak Resin is a tree sap product.

Oak Resin’s title as an Artisan product is slightly misleading because the item receives no bonus from the Artisan profession. Instead, it gains additional perks from the Tapper profession.

It’s an essential item in Stardew Valley that is used in multiple Recipes, Bundles, and Quests, among other things.

You should always try to get your hands on as many Oak Resins as possible because you’ll need a ton of them to make valuable items!

How To Obtain Oak Resin in Stardew Valley?

How To Obtain Oak Resin in Stardew Valley
How To Obtain Oak Resin in Stardew Valley

There are various methods to get your hands on some Oak Resin; however, not all of these are practical. 

I’ll list down all the methods, but you should note that the primary and most effective way of getting the product is through Oak Trees. 

The rest of these methods are unconventional, and you shouldn’t prioritize them.

Oak Trees

The most viable method of obtaining Oak Resin is using Tappers on Oak Trees. Tappers are items that you can craft after reaching Foraging level 3.

They cost 40 Wood and 2 Copper Bars to produce. 

Once you’ve obtained a Tapper, keep it in your inventory and find a fully grown Oak Tree on which you can use this item. 

When you place the Tapper on an Oak Tree, it’ll become attached to the tree’s base.

This Tapper collects sap from the tree over time and produces an entire bottle of Oak Resin once it’s complete. You can tap Oak Trees on your farm and outside (except for Pelican Town).

You can collect the Oak Resin by right-clicking on the tree once the Oak Resin’s icon pops up from the Tapper.

If you accidentally misplaced a Tapper on an Oak Tree, don’t worry! You can hit it with an Axe to remove it and place it according to your liking.

If you remove and replace the Tapper, you will reset any progress on producing the Oak Resin.

The time it takes for a Tapper to produce an Oak Resin depends upon the type of Tapper used. 

There’s a standard variant and a Heavy variant that you can obtain later in the game. The following table shows the production times with both these Tappers.

Time Taken
Normal Tapper7-8 Nights
Heavy Tapper3 Nights

Oak Resin can also be received during Winter, so you’ll waste no time producing the substance due to seasonal requirements!

Unconventional Methods

You can find Oak Resins through some additional methods; however, you won’t be guaranteed to receive one from these as their drop rates can be pretty low.

Wood Chipper & Haunted Skulls

Each time you process a piece of Hardwood in a Wood Chipper, you’ll have an approximately 0.66% of receiving an Oak Resin instead of the average drop of Wood. 

This converts to about 1.66 Oak Resins for every 100 Hardwood processed!

You can also obtain the item while venturing into the Mines or the Skull Cavern. To be precise, you can receive them from the Haunted Skull enemies in these areas.

Each Haunted Skull you slay will have a 1.3% chance of dropping an Oak Resin.

These are the better and more efficient methods of obtaining the product among these unconventional methods.

The Secret Woods

The Secret Woods can sometimes contain Oak Resins naturally growing on the trees present within. The drop rate for this is undetermined, but it’s a rare case.

Additionally, you’ll have to keep coming back to check and see if it’s available.

What Can Oak Resin Be Used For?

What Can Oak Resin Be Used For
What Can Oak Resin Be Used For

You can do multiple things with your Oak Resin in the game. Here’s a list of all that you can end up using it for:


The most important use of Oak Resins is in the crafting area. These items are integral in crafting both Kegs and the Deluxe Speed-Gro.

These items are unlocked at Farming level 8 and require one Oak Resin and other materials to craft. 

I’d recommend not using up Oak Resins to create Deluxe Speed-Gro as you can quickly obtain an unlimited quantity of this from Pierre’s General Store. That too – at a reasonable price.

Kegs, on the other hand, can be exceptionally useful. They’re primarily used to create Wine and can also be used to make other beverages such as Coffee!

Kegs are massive money-making machines if you use them right! Using Oak Resins to craft Kegs is probably the best use you can make out of the item.

Gifting & Selling

Although Oak Resin can technically be used for gifting, it’s not your best option.

It’s only liked by Maru but universally disliked by all other characters. No Villagers love or hate Oak Resin. 

If you’re looking to decrease your friendship points with Villagers (for some reason), Oak Resin seems to be a great option!

Better use of the item, however, would be to sell it. Oak Resin has a base selling price of 150g, which goes up to 187g If you have the Tapper profession.

That’s not a lot of gold, but it’s a better option than losing your friendship points!

Bundles, Tailoring & Quests

You need to use Oak Resin as an input for two of the bundles in the Community Center. Firstly, it’s required in the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.

You’ll also need it as a viable input for the Enchanter’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board.

In Tailoring, you can use your Oak Resin to make Dyes at the Dye Pots in Emily and Hayley’s house – the Green Dye in particular.

If you fancy some caps, you’ll be pleased to know that Oak Resins can also be used in the Sewing Machine to create a Floppy Beanie!

Last but not least, Woodskips can request Oak Resins in their Fish Pond Quest to increase their pond capacity from 5 to 7. 

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