Oak Trees

Have you ever played a video game with exceptional art design, an incredible storyline, and heartwarming NPCs? Well, that’s Stardew Valley in a nutshell!

To get the most from your Stardew journey, you’ll have to cut and interact with trees in different ways – to collect wood and various tree products, respectively.

Being an essential part of your overall experience, you must recognize the difference between the types of trees in the game and what you can do with them.

In this guide, I’ll help you better understand Oak Trees in particular.

What Are Oak Trees?

Oak Trees
Oak Trees

An Oak is a common tree in Stardew Valley. It is found growing throughout the Stardew Valley and can be manually grown yb planting an Acorn. If chopped, an Oak Tree provides the player with Wood, Sap, and possibly, Acorns. The Oak Tree has a distinct appearance which sets it apart, and like all other trees – stops growing in the Winter.

An Oak Tree is a common tree found throughout the Farm and all other areas of the map except Pelican Town.

The tree has a different color scheme in different seasons of the game. Additionally, it has a distinct appearance which allows you to differentiate it from other types of trees.

You can chop Oak Trees down to receive Wood and Sap along with a chance of receiving Acorns and Hardwood as well (Hardwood is only obtained if you have the Lumberjack Profession).

Chopping the tree down leaves behind its Stump. You can use your Axe to receive additional wood or leave it as is.

How Do You Grow Oak Trees in Stardew Valley?

How To Grow Oak Trees in Stardew Valley
How To Grow Oak Trees in Stardew Valley

The first step of growing an Oak Tree is finding an Acorn. Whenever you plant an Acorn, it goes through multiple stages of growth (5) before turning into a fully mature Oak Tree.

Your Acorn has a 20% chance of reaching its next growth stage each night during all seasons except Winters.

Typically, an Acorn can take anywhere between 20-28 days to fully grow, depending on several conditions. You should keep 24 days as the average growth period in your mind.

How Do You Get Acorns?

You can obtain Acorns by chopping down or shaking Oak Trees. This is not guaranteed to get you one, but it’s the best method of receiving an acorn.

You can also find acorns when searching Garbage Cans or using your Axe/Pickaxe on an Acorn planted in the ground by a nearby fully grown Oak Tree.

How Do You Plant an Acorn?

How to Plant Acorns in Stardew Valley
How to Plant Acorns in Stardew Valley

Acorns can be planted on all tillable soil on The Farm and outside, except for Pelican Town.

To grow an Oak Tree, you’ll need to have an Acorn in your inventory. 

Now, move to a tillable piece of land with the Acorn in your hand and right-click on this block.

Once you’ve done this, your character will plant the Acorn into the soil, which will be shown as a tiny round seed inserted into the ground.

How Can I Tell if My Tree is An Oak in Stardew Valley?

You might have trouble understanding the different types of trees in the game.

After a while, you’ll start to notice that Oak Trees have a distinct appearance that helps them stand out and allows you to identify them better.

Although its color will change, the specific structure of the tree won’t change in other seasons, so understanding the tree’s appearance will go a long way for you.

The Stardew Valley Wiki showcases all color schemes and growth variations of the tree. You can also identify Oak Trees by their products. An Oak Tree is the one that gives you an Acorn when chopped down (chance) or Oak Resin when subjected to a Tapper.

Here’s a picture of a fully mature Oak Tree to help you get accustomed to its appearance.

Fully Grown Oak Tree
Fully Grown Oak Tree

Which Tree Gives Oak Resin?

Which Tree Gives Oak Resin
Which Tree Gives Oak Resin

Oak Resin is an Artisan product you can primarily obtain from Oak Trees.

This can be done through Tappers, naturally found in the Secret Woods, or as a drop by certain monsters.

These methods are explained below:

Tapping an Oak Tree

Your most reliable source of Oak Resin is through using a Tapper on an Oak Tree.

You can tap trees on the Farm and outside of it (except Pelican Town) to start producing Oak Resin.

It takes almost 7 days for a normal Tapper used on an Oak Tree to produce resin. You can hasten this process up by using a Heavy Tapper instead of a normal one.

The table below shows these values in more depth:

Time Taken To Produce Oak Resin
Normal Tapper7 Nights
Heavy Tapper3 Nights
Time Taken To Produce Oak Resin

Secret Woods, Haunted Skulls & Wood Chipper

Oak Resin is naturally grown in some of the Oak Trees in the Secret Woods.

It can also be obtained as rare loot from slaying Haunted Skull enemies and a drop from throwing wood in a Wood Chipper.

You should know that these sources have a tiny chance of giving you the resource. From personal experience, it’s best to stick to Tapping to obtain Oak Resins!

How Do You Make Oak Trees Grow Faster in Stardew Valley?

How Do You Make Oak Trees Grow Faster in Stardew Valley
How Do You Make Oak Trees Grow Faster in Stardew Valley

Are you someone who can’t wait for an Oak Tree to grow fully? Well, I don’t blame you; 24 in-game days is a long time to be patient!

You’ll be pleased to know of a way with which you can speed up the growth process of the tree. This can be done via Tree Fertilizer.

You can produce Tree Fertilizers after reaching Foraging level 7 and learning their recipe—each of these costs 5 Stone and Fiber to craft.

Once you have a Tree Fertilizer, you can sprinkle it on an already-planted seed or sapling to increase its growth rate.

Seeds that already have a fertilizer applied to them are symbolized with a red hue.

Using a Tree Fertilizer on an Acorn will make it grow by one stage every night till it reaches the fourth stage.

At this point, it will take two days to reach its final, fully mature state – and with that, you now have an Oak Tree on your hands!

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