What Is the Abigail Hair Dye Question?

Stardew Valley has a ton of characters with deep storylines and unlockable cutscenes. Increasing your friendship with characters results in new dialogue and interactions being unlocked. 

Furthermore, once you reach specific thresholds of friendship with each character, you can unlock exclusive Heart Events for them! Abigail happens to be one of the most mysterious characters in Stardew Valley, with a vibrant appearance and tons of rumors floating out about her!

There’s a specific interaction with Abigail, however, that sets itself apart from all others. It features the character asking for your input as to whether she should dye her hair or not.

What Is the Abigail Hair Dye Question?

What Is the Abigail Hair Dye Question?
Abigail Hair Dye Question

The Abigail Hair Dye question is an interaction that the player has with this character on any Sunday of the Fall season. It features Abigail asking the player for their input as to whether she should dye her hair. You can respond with 4 choices, each of which has its own effect on your friendship level with Abigail.

As already mentioned, Abigail will ask you this question if you interact with her on a Sunday of the Fall season. The exact question she’ll ask you is, “I was thinking about dyeing my hair again. What do you think?”. Then, the game displays 4 possible choices for you to choose from. 3 of these suggest changing her hair color. (To black, blonde, and bubblegum pink)

The last one finds some middle ground and states that she shouldn’t change her hair color as you, the player, like it just the way it is. You can view the exact exchange of dialogues with her on the Stardew Valley Wiki.

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Does the Question Have Any Effect?

Does the Question Have Any Effect?
Abigail Information Portrait

In terms of affecting your friendship level with the character – yes, it does. In the case of Abigail listening to your option and actually changing her hair color – it does not.

Out of the 4 options, if you choose the first and tell Abigail to dye her hair black, she’ll respond to you by saying that dyeing it black seems like a pretty safe option. Choosing this increases your friendship points with her by 10.

The second option, asking her to dye it blonde, has the same outcome as the first one. She mentions how that’s a safe option to go for and you get a +10 in friendship with her. The third option is to suggest that she dye her hair “bubblegum pink.” She shows a happy, laughing reaction to this option and responds to you with, “you’re always good for a laugh.” This is the best possible outcome out of all 4 options and nets you +20 friendship points with Abigail!

The fourth and last option allows you to remain indifferent on the topic and tell her that you like her hair the way it already is. She seems to be somewhat annoyed if you pick this option and responds to you by saying, “Of course, you would say that.” This is the worst possible outcome out of all 4, as it does not affect your friendship with her in any way.

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