I still remember the first time I played a UFC title. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon; I fired up the Xbox and played with my cousin all day. 

It wasn’t until years after this that I saw a release trailer for UFC 4 and tried to order it on Steam.

To my and countless other UFC fans’ surprise, the game wasn’t coming out on PC. As a matter of fact, not one title in EA Sports’ UFC franchise has ever come to PC.

The earlier titles have come out on mobile phones but are yet to appear on a computer!

Why Are There No UFC Games For PC?

The lack of UFC games on a PC left me flustered. After all, EA Sports features almost every one of its sports franchises on the platform. 

Why then does UFC remain a stranger to this concept?

As a massive fan of the UFC series, I had to find a reasonable answer, so I started my research.

It turns out that an official answer to the question doesn’t exist – only speculation.

Due to the absence of official statements, there isn’t a concrete reason why a UFC title has never been released on PC. 

However, the game’s community and critics have identified potential reasons for this, and here’s my take on that.

Licensing Issues

Video Game licenses can be very tricky, especially for big-time developers. Every detail is ironed out before contracts are made, and developers cannot defy a single thing.

If the initial contract agreement between EA and UFC didn’t include a PC port, there’s no possible way for the game to release on the platform. 

This is especially true if EA does not hold the right to re-negotiate contract terms.

If this is true, and it most likely is, the chances of fans like myself seeing a PC release for UFC titles are pretty slim.

Revenue Generation

EA is infamous for being greedy with its titles, and especially microtransactions. You can see this happen in all their games if you play them actively. 

Let’s consider the scenario in which EA has the right to port the UFC franchise to PC.

Statistically, UFC games have sold significantly fewer titles with each new release. In fact, UFC 4 sold 47% fewer copies in its first week compared to the previous title. 

*Sales data is taken from VGChartz

Understandably, this performance drop puts EA on the backfoot. 

Fighting games are generally more famously played on consoles. If the sales of UFC dropped this significantly on that platform, EA wouldn’t even imagine releasing it to PC.

Piracy Issues

I believe piracy is the least likely, but still plausible reason why we don’t have a PC-based UFC title.

Majority of the games released on PC eventually get cracked, which causes a massive dip in sales. This is dreadful news – especially for a company as money-oriented as EA.

However, I believe this is the least likely out of all three because many games nowadays have robust crack protection software.

For example, it took more than a year for Mortal Kombat 11’s Denuvo protection to crack. Why can’t EA do the same for UFC?

Additionally, EA Sports has released most of its titles, including FIFA and Madden, on PC, so it doesn’t make sense to have concerns regarding piracy for UFC.

Will UFC Games Ever Come to PC?

The answer to this question is truly heartbreaking for all fans alike.

Although I can’t make a factual statement, the answer is likely to be – a big no.

Unfortunately, despite persistent pressure from the fanbase, there don’t seem to be any plans for EA to release the UFC franchise on PC anytime soon.

Furthermore, the developer has made no statements that would indicate any such intentions in the near future. 

Sadly, it seems as if I, and every other UFC fan, has no option but to remain hopeful.

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